Kit Kat Key Lime Pie is a candy slice of sunshine

KIT KAT Key Lime Pie, photo provided by KIT KAT
KIT KAT Key Lime Pie, photo provided by KIT KAT /

A new limited time, seasonal flavor is here to delight candy fans. Kit Kat Key Lime Pie brings that sweet, tart and refreshing flavor to candy break time. Without having to take a trip to Key West, this brightly flavor candy celebrates the best of springtime.

As the latest seasonal treat from Kit Kat, the Kit Kat Key Lime Pie flavor could be huge hit for the candy brand. Featuring Key Lime Pie creme filling in between the crispy wafer layers, there is no need for a fork to enjoy this sweet treat.

Given the hint of tart with the sweet, the candy lends itself to many creative desserts. While it is delightful on its own, it offers itself to many creative interpretations. Whether a decoration on a cupcake or a crumble for a blended beverages, this candy could satisfy that wanderlust flavor people have been craving.

Since Kit Kat brought back its Lemon Crisp flavor for Easter, this key lime expansion seems to show that citrus flavors deserve prime billing on the candy shelf. More importantly it shows that citrus flavors can be more than just pies and cookies. The candy world is ready to step beyond the chocolate.

Last summer, Kit Kat launched Apple Pie as a summer flavor. With Key Lime Pie as a spring offering, it begs the question what other pie flavors could be transformed into the classic candy. Could a peach pie or even a pecan pie be next?

For now, candy fans can break, bite and slice off a piece of the Kit Kat Key Lime Pie. Just make sure to grab a few before they are gone. Just like springtime, the season will pass before you know it.

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What is your favorite Kit Kat flavor? Do you prefer these seasonal flavors or the classics?