Powerade Power in the numbers highlights the power in everyone

Powerade Power by the Numbers, photo provided by Powerade
Powerade Power by the Numbers, photo provided by Powerade /

Powerade has fueled many athletes to the pinnacle of their sport. From that epic game winning strike out to the hail mary pass that makes the highlight reel, those moments help any athlete power through to the next level. While athletes often had the support of their team, there is power in that individual player. Are you ready to celebrate your number?

Some athletes will always be associated with a special number. When people see the number 23, 12 or even 00, they can think of a particular athlete. While the ultimate goal is to have the number enshrined in infamy for your alma mater or team, that number is associated with an athlete’s accomplishments. Yes, an athlete is their number.

The new Powerade power in the numbers campaign celebrates athletes and their numbers. Airing during the upcoming men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments, the spots have a little humor within the message. While fans might just call out a number in support, there is a story behind every number and every athlete.

Check out the new Powerade power in the numbers campaign.

While this ad campaign brings the visual to the feeling that many athletes have, it brings up an important point. Athletes looks to make their presence felt in a sporting competition. Whether their face is hidden under a helmet or their last name cannot be seen across the field, their number and their playing efforts look to make a mark.

With the Powerade power by numbers bottles people will be drawn to a particular bottle for that number. Similar to the Share A Coke labels with names and phrases, numbers are important to athletes. Whether athletes pick their special number, the number of their favorite player or maybe just their age, the options are many. It will be interesting to see if certain numbers become more sought after than others.

From a lucky number to holding up the tradition of a team, that number on a jersey is a sense of pride. With Powerade, it is time to celebrate those achievements and power through till the next epic moment.

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What do you think of this new campaign? Do you think that it will resonate with fans?