Share a Coke scores a touchdown with NFL and college team logos


Share a Coke is ready for football season. With these special Coke and Coke Zero Sugar bottles everyone will know your loyalty lies.

Football fans are fans for life and Share a Coke wants to celebrate that passionate fandom this football season. For the first time, Coca-Cola is putting select football logos on these bottles. Did your favorite team make the cut?

Over the years, the Share a Coke campaign has become hugely successful. People have searched high and low for bottles with their name or a special nickname. Some people were known to buy an extra bottle just because of the name on the label.

These special labels connected people to Coca-Cola. Drinking that soda was more than just refreshment. It might have brought a smile, laugh or just a little something more to the day.

With the expansion into football, this campaign is going to be even bigger. Football fans, both NFL and collegiate, are fiercely loyal to the team. If that Packer fan proudly wears a Packers suit to work on the first day of the season, this year he will probably stock his refrigerator with all the Packers’ labeled Cokes that the can find.

According to Coca-Cola, there are a total of 60 team logos that are part of this launch. There are six NFL teams (“Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles”) and 53 collegiate teams.

Coca-Cola NFL logo label from the Share a Coke campaign, photo provided by Coca-Cola

Now, there will be some fans who will be distraught that their favorite team wasn’t included. If your team didn’t make the cut, there are some football inspired designs on other packaging.

It seems highly likely that these Coca-Cola cans will become popular tailgate fare. Why sip a beverage out of a boring red solo cup when you can proudly display your team logo?

Even the football themed or football-related nicknames would be fun. Just think of the photo of who earn the tailgating title #1 fan.

While this packaging is localized to the home cities, fans across the country can still get their hands on the coveted football themed cans. The NFL and college logo beverages will be available for sale at Now, fans won’t have to drive across the county in search of the coveted bottle.

If you aren’t a football fan, don’t fret. The names will be back on bottles as well. According to Coca-Cola, “970 of the most popular first and last names will be featured.” While some people with unusual spellings inevitably are left out, this list is rather big. If you can’t find your name, there is usually another option that works.

The Share A Coke football themed products will be available August 5 through October 20 or while supplies last.

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Are you excited for football season? Will your favorite team be featured in the Share a Coke campaign?