Texas Brisket Egg Sandwich brings big flavor to Einstein Bros Bagels

Einstein Bros Bagels Brisket Sandwich, photo provided by Einstein Bros Bagels
Einstein Bros Bagels Brisket Sandwich, photo provided by Einstein Bros Bagels /

Everything is bigger in Texas and the Texas Brisket Egg Sandwich from Einstein Bros Bagels is a big bite of bold flavor. While the bagel-centric restaurant always delivers a tasty bagel, this breakfast sandwich will make you wonder why you didn’t put brisket on an egg sandwich before. Ready to dig in to some tasty food?

When most people think of a traditional egg sandwich, there are a few common toppings. Bacon or sausage are usually the regular accompaniments to that egg. Although steak and eggs are a heartier dish, it often requires a fork.

As breakfast food trends have evolved in the past year, consumers are looking for bolder options. From bigger bites to creative flavors, that traditional breakfast sandwich needs an upgrade.

What makes the Texas Brisket Egg Sandwich so tasty?

According to Einstein Bros Bagels, the Texas Brisket Egg Sandwich is served on a Jalapeno Bacon bagel. Served with beef brisket, cheddar cheese, eggs and smoky chipotle sauce, this sandwich almost sounds like a dinner.

Chad Thompson, Head of Culinary Innovation at Einstein Bros. Bagels. said “Our brisket is slow-smoked for 10 to 12 hours and lightly rubbed with a blend of classic Texas spices. This sandwich won’t disappoint meat lovers looking for a hearty breakfast.”

While everyone expects the deliciousness from the Jalapeno Bacon bagel, the brisket is an interesting addition. The spices on the brisket play off the heat notes from bagel and the sauce. Without being overly spicy, the flavor is enjoyable and even makes the sandwich more satisfying. In some ways, that lingering heat entices for another bite.

This menu addition continues a trend for Einstein Bros Bagels. While the breakfast sandwich brings a “taste of Texas” to the table, it is a unique menu item that sets this restaurant brand apart from the crowd.

In many ways, Einstein Bros Bagels find creative and innovative ways to push both the flavor and the experience envelope. From the Party Bagel to the Eggels even its Pizza Day promotion, the bagel is the vehicle to bring fun and flavor to the table.

The Einstein Bros Bagels Texas Brisket Egg Sandwich is available at participating locations. It is not available at license stores.

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What do you think of this new breakfast sandwich? Could it spark a new food trend across quick service restaurants?