Recovery mocktails, oh what a fizzy relief that sip is

Alka Seltzer Hangover Mocktails, photo provided by Alka Seltzer
Alka Seltzer Hangover Mocktails, photo provided by Alka Seltzer /

After a night of revelry, recovery mocktails might be the perfect sip to start the day. While many people might have that perfected a hangover remedy, the reality is that that “big regret” needs to be washed away. Although some people might attest to hair of the dog, the reality is that another cocktail isn’t always a top choice.

Recently, Alka-Seltzer partnered with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules to mix up some fizzy relief with recovery  mocktails. While some people might think fondly of that Alka-Seltzer plop, plop, fizz, fizz tag line, the reality is that these mocktails are not your grandma’s hangover relief. With some beverage creativity, these mocktails are both refreshing and a savior after a big night out.

During the moment, it can be hard to appreciate the impact of all those beverage choices for the morning after. While everyone is different, Tom and Ariana have a few opinions on a few beverage that could make your head a little more fuzzy in the morning.

They said, “Too much sugar can give some of the worst headaches. Personally, we’ve found the effects of champagne to be up there when it comes to indigestion and headache pain. We definitely try to avoid those super sugary drinks as much as possible. We never feel great after drinking them. Tequila can be a bit risky in terms of “big regrets,” but that’s what makes the night memorable sometimes, you know?!”

Could recovery mocktails be your morning after savior?

As mocktails have become a huge trend, the reality is that the mocktail could be that morning after savior. But, it isn’t just about another beverage.

Tom and Ariana said, “We’ve both had our fair share of long nights serving rowdy customers and being the rowdy customers, so we definitely know how it feels to deal with that post-party headache and heartburn. We love to sleep in and have a yummy breakfast the next morning, but really, the easiest way for us to find relief the day after is an Alka-Seltzer Mocktail! They are so easy to mix up and so delicious, it’s totally our go-to for recovery!”

On social media, Alka-Seltzer, Tom and Ariana have been sharing some “The Day After Mocktails.” Made with Alka-Seltzer, these mocktails help to bring some needed relief to that morning after.

From a St. Patrick’s Day that might no longer feel so lucky to a happy hour that isn’t quite as happy, there are a variety of recovery  mocktails that can make that morning after a little more bearable. A variety of recipes can be found on Alka-Seltzer’s website.

And, since more people have stepped behind the bar, these recovery mocktails could inspire some beverages of your own. While liquor and Alka-Seltzer never mix, there are a variety of ways to boost the flavors in a beverage. From a touch of fruit juice to just a decorative glass, the options are many.

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Whether you call them day after mocktails or recovery mocktails, relief is just a fizz away.