Best hangover foods to eat when you just over-indulged too much

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Wondering what are the best hangover foods to wipe away last night’s one too many?

After having one more than you should have, these best hangover foods can help wipe away those beer, wine and cocktail indulgences. While you can undo the night before, you can help make the day after a little more tolerable. Although it  might not be healthy eating, what food should you eat?

Finding the best hangover foods isn’t hard. Most common remedies are found in the refrigerator or in the pantry. While grandma or you uncle might have some old school remedy, it really just takes time to get back into balance. Although some people say hair of the dog (i.e. another drink), it might be time to walk away from the cocktail and grab some water.

Here are some of the best hangover foods to eat the morning after.


Although the loud blending might make you cry, that first sip can bring some needed relief. Often a smoothie is full of good food. From fruits and vegetables to protein and hydration, that cup of tasty nutrition is a great start to the day.


While some people think that heavy breakfast or pile of bacon is an answer, a bowl of pasta or a bagel might be a better choice. Carbs can be easily digested and they can make you thirsty. That extra water is always a good thing.

Slice open a watermelon

Watermelon has a lot of water (it’s in the name). High water content foods are great when you have a hangover. It helps curb hunger and offers extra hydration. It is like the perfect two-for for that morning when you don’t want to think.


While coffee can be de-hydrating, it can give you the boost to get the day going. Just be careful. If your stomach is queasy, coffee is going to make it worse.


While you might not want to call mom and ask her to bring you soup, a bowl of soup with a lot of broth is a good idea. Whether it is a chicken noodle or a ramen, slurp away.

There best hangover foods are just a few options to help combat that one drink too many from the night before. While you can’t undo the past, you can make today a little more bearable.

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What food do you eat when you have a hangover? Do you have a food hack that makes everything better?