Allison Holker-Boss shares new incredible egg inspired Easter ideas

Allison Holker-Boss for the Incredible Egg, photo provided by Incredible Egg
Allison Holker-Boss for the Incredible Egg, photo provided by Incredible Egg /

Easter ideas are as plentiful as an overflowing Easter basket. Allison Holker-Boss has joined The Incredible Egg Challenge to encourage everyone think beyond the eggshell this Easter season. While the traditional dyed eggs always have a place on the table, that egg holds a vast amount of culinary and crafting inspiration. Ready to get cracking?

As Spring begins, the American Egg Board always wows everyone with egg-static culinary creations. From classic recipes to simple decorating ideas, in some ways, it makes the case that the egg comes before the chicken. This year, several cooks, crafters and creators are joining forces to showcase that a simple egg can hold an infinite amount of inspiration.

While various creators seek to earn the Golden Egg from the American Egg Board, Allison Holker-Boss is encouraging everyone to be inspired by these egg-credible creations. As everyone votes on the weekly battles, the hope is to inspire others to get cracking on some ideas in their own homes.

Recently, I spoke to Allison Holker-Boss about The Incredible Egg Challenge and some Easter traditions in her family.

For Holker-Boss, she believes that this event is all about “inspiring people to have more fun around the holiday.” She explained, this year is more than just the food on the plate. It celebrates entertainers, the crafters and the cooks. Basically, it is an all-encompassing feast of that Incredible Egg.

While many families have egg decorating traditions, Holker-Boss has a special family tradition passed down from her mom. In her house, she has an Easter tree that is filled with decorated Easter Eggs.

From the ones that she made as a child to eggs decorated by her own children, that holiday tradition holds a special place in her family memories. As Holker-Boss said, that new wooden egg that is added to the tree each year keeps the family memories in the front of the celebrations.

Whether or not this year’s Easter celebrations are modified, the reality is that home has become people’s sanctuary in the past year. It has caused people to redefine what is important to their happiness,

Holker-Boss believes that “it is important to lay the foundation and teach my children about the memories” as well as those traditions. That sense of “pride in your family” is more important than ever. Sometimes, that idea even involves letting go of a little bit of control.

In a candid moment, Holker-Boss revealed that her husband, Stephen Boss (aka tWitch) might not always have a keen eye for decorating and color combinations. While her husband might let her be the expert in the décor realm, Holker-Boss allows her children to color outside the lines a little. Even if it might not follow the style norms, that self-expression is key to fostering an open and memorable connection with family.

And, as everyone begins to plant the seeds of their Easter celebrations, Holker-Boss reminds everyone to embrace that creativity. Whether people find inspiration from The Incredible Egg Challenge, continue a family tradition, or create a new idea from scratch, the basket is always full of opportunities.

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The Incredible Egg Challenge runs weekly at One fan-favorite challenger will be crowned on March 30.

What are your favorite egg-centric family traditions?