Yankee Candle 2021 Scent of the Year fulfills the desire to discover

Yankee Candle 2021 Scent of the year, photo provided by Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle 2021 Scent of the year, photo provided by Yankee Candle /

The flicker of the flame entices with a whole world of possibilities and the Yankee Candle 2021 Scent of the Year savors that moment long after the flame disappears. From the first whiff from that alluring aroma to the glow that illuminates the space, this Yankee Candle encourages others to look beyond the light and embrace the experiences around everyone.

The Yankee Candle 2021 Scent of the Year is Discovery. Following the well-received 2020 scent, Awaken, the 2021 Scent of the Year captures people’s yearning to explore. Whether it is bringing a touch of the exotic to the mundane or embracing the connection between cultures, this scent could set a new path to ignite that desire to explore.

While this past year might have felt stagnant or unfulfilled, that time without travel can present a longing for more. Although many people have sought to create a space of comfort and joy in their home, the reality is that new experiences can be found outside of those four walls. Still, people have to be open and willing to let them in.

Finding comfort and connection in the Yankee Candle 2021 Scent of the Year Discovery.

According to Anna Whitton, VP of Marketing for Yankee Candle Company, “2021 Scent of the Year, Discovery, was designed to help people fulfill the universal desire to discover new cultures, make new memories, and embrace new connections from the comforts of their own homes.” While some people might be drawn to this candle for the scent and design, the subliminal impact that those fragrances offer can lead to a new appreciation.

Even before the candle is lit, the design offers a touch of the exotic. With the Moroccan inspired pattern, the candle makes a statement. Once lit, the illuminating glow through the pattern captures the attention and sets a path to embrace what lays ahead.

The Yankee Candle 2021 Scent of the Year highlights four fragrances, Red Ginger, Starfruit, Mango, Passion Fruit and Vanilla Spice. The brand believes that these fragrances will spark a purpose of “blooming with curiosity, creativity and spirit.”

In some ways, the combination of fragrances offer a nod to the culinary adventures that many home cooks have taken. From the zest and boldness of the red ginger to the sweet fruitiness of the starfruit and mango, the layers and combinations are almost like a mystery to unravel.

At one moment the warm vanilla spices conjure baking memories from childhood while the tart passion fruit brings back moments from that honeymoon escape. In a way, the fragrance is like turning page of a memory book one fragrance note at a time.

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The Yankee Candle 2021 Scent of the Year, Discovery, will be available to purchase on March 21, International Fragrance Day. In addition to being available at Yankee Candle retail stores and YankeeCandle.com, the candle will be available at other online retailers, like Walmart, Kohls and Bed Bath and Beyond. Discovery will be available while supplies last.