Best Spring beers to enjoy as the weather gets warmer

Golden Road Brewing’s Passion Wolf Hazy IPA, photo provided by Golden Road Brewing
Golden Road Brewing’s Passion Wolf Hazy IPA, photo provided by Golden Road Brewing /

As the weather warms and flowers bloom, the best Spring beers deserve to be popped open now. Whether you prefer a hazy IPA, a fruit forward lager or even a refreshing gose, it is time to put these Spring beers on ice. Get the pint glass washed and chilled. It won’t be empty for long.

After a long, chilly winter, many beer drinkers are ready to ditch the rich, robust stouts for a little lighter beverage. While many people have a favorite beer, sometimes it can be good to step away from the tried and true and enjoy a different sip. Whether it is a flavor similar to your favorite IPA or a tart gose from the norm, the reality is that variety can keep beer drinking exciting.

FoodSided recommends these best spring beers to enjoy now.

Elysian Brewing Salt and Seed Watermelon Gose

Have you ever put a little salt on your watermelon? The combination of sweet and a touch salty is often quite refreshing. The Salt and Seed Watermelon Gose from Elysian Brewing has a tart, sweet and a little briny flavor. If you love a great pucker, this gose beer should top your must try list.

Brooklyn Brewery Pulp Art Hazy IPA

While the colorful can might make you think of that great Andy Warhol painting, the Brooklyn Brewery Pulp Art Hazy IPA inside the can is another modern masterpiece. The bright, juicy IPA has layers of tropical fruit, including pineapple. It might not necessarily be a vacation in a glass, but it could bring a little blur to the same old backyard.

Leinenkugel’s Session Helles

While the Northwoods might still be a little chilly, Leinenkugel’s Session Helles, a crisp beer, is like that first bright, spring day. Although this lighter beer is often a summer lake beer, it could be the first sip that makes you ready for the change of seasons.

Naturdays Pineapple

The newest offering from Natural Light, the Naturdays Pineapple Lemonade is sweet, slightly tart and refreshing. Although Spring Break might not be on a private island, this flavor will have you feeling the warm breezes off the water.

Four Peaks Rose Our Way

Even those rose all day might be for wine drinkers, this Four Peaks  beer could convert wine drinkers. With flavors of berry, grape and a touch of melon, those notes mimic many rose wines. As the alluring color looks like the flowers blooming, a slight tartness from the cranberry is equally refreshing. From a light apertif to a pairing with a favorite spring recipe, the pairing options are many.

Golden Road Passion Wolf Hazy IPA

Released earlier this year, this Hazy IPA has had many people howling in delight. The passion fruit flavors bring a sip of the exotic to the glass. It might not be that vacation getaway, but it a flavor excursion that will satisfy a touch of wanderlust.

Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango

While America’s oldest brewery might be known for its iconic lager, the Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango blends a classic pils with mango. Although not over powering, the beer is bolder than other fruit-forward beers. If you like a sip of fruit that isn’t an IPA, this beer is a must try.

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These best Spring beers are just FoodSided’s opinion. Share what’s in your pint, bottle or can. We’re always looking for another sip of refreshing beer.