Golden Road Brewing Passion Wolf Hazy IPA is a taste of the Golden Coast

Golden Road Brewing’s Passion Wolf Hazy IPA, photo provided by Golden Road Brewing
Golden Road Brewing’s Passion Wolf Hazy IPA, photo provided by Golden Road Brewing /

With one sip of Golden Road Brewing Passion Wolf Hazy IPA, the bright flavors will transport you to a tropical getaway. While many IPA beers have a citrus, hoppy undertone, this beer is subtle with its approach. In some ways, it is the simple pleasure that invites an afternoon of relaxation.

IPA beers come in different varieties. West Coast IPA beers tend to be more hoppy with a stronger bitterness. East Coast IPA beers often have juicy, fruit forward flavors that tend to be hazy versus hoppy. While the coasts tend to have different approaches, a tasty IPA is always a reason to open another beer.

A recent beer trend has been to add tropical fruit flavors to beer. While orange and lemon flavors are popular, more exotic fruits are becoming more common.

Ready for a taste of the tropics with Golden Road Brewing Passion Wolf Hazy IPA?

The Golden Road Passion Wolf Hazy IPA is a refreshing, bright hazy IPA. While the passion fruit flavor is clear, the beer is still light, refreshing and a delightful sip. On a sunny day, the juicy, fruity beer is a great beer to pop open.

While this IPA has a hefty ABV (7.0% ABV), it might be more of a slow savor. In some ways, it invites drinkers to savor the moment. Although that real passion fruit balances that hoppy character, it is a beer that deserves a moment to ponder, just like enjoying that sunny afternoon.

Victor Novak, Brewmaster for Golden Road Brewing found inspiration in many areas. While the beer brand enjoys its IPA niche, it was more than just another hazy IPA offering.

Novak said, “We quickly dove head first into the Haze Craze since we love how they’re so yeast and ester driven. They’re also lower in bitterness, which allows the big, tropical and citrus notes of our favorite hops to pop. Layering passion fruit to complement the hops just brought the whole thing to another level.”

The Passion Wolf Hazy IPS joins the other IPAs in the Golden Road Brewery line-up. Whether you like the Hazy Pup IPA or the Wolf Pup Session IPA, this latest flavor is another bred that fits into the category.

And, if you need a reason to buy a 6-pack, $1 of each Passion Wolf IPA will benefit Wags & Walks dog rescue. The brand looks to donate up to $50,000 through this partnership.

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The Golden Road Passion Wolf IPA is available now. Check with the brand for availability.

What is your favorite IPA? Are you loyal to one beer brand or do you try different beers?