Free Shake Shack fries can be delivered to your door

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Did free Shake Shack fries get your attention? While those classic burgers, chicken sandwiches and shakes might get prime billing, the Shake Shack fries are irresistible. Luckily, there is a special promotion that can add a free fries order to your delivery. Getting hungry yet?

To celebrate Shake Shack adding its own exclusive delivery partnership with Uber Eats, it is offering free fries with $15 Shack app order. The offer is available now through March 31, 2021. Whether you order dinner for yourself, the whole family or even place an order to send a friend, getting free fries is an added bonus.

Food delivery and digital ordering has become big business in the past year. For example, Shake Shack saw that its “digital sales making up nearly 60% of total sales in the fourth quarter of 2020.” When restaurants had to limit their in-restaurant dining options, food delivery kept the food coming out of the kitchen.

At the same time, that food delivery gave guests the opportunity to satisfy that favorite food craving. Even when that burger and fries couldn’t be served at a table with friends, that favorite menu item could arrive at your doorstep.

Unfortunately, not all delivery services are the same. While special promotions can drive a special purchase, the reality is that people want more than just convenience and savings. They want to know that the food will be delivered efficiently and with care.

In an effort to give guests their favorite Shake Shack menu items where, how, and when they want it, this delivery option within its app keeps the conversation moving forward.

As Randy Garutti, Chief Executive Officer at Shake Shack said, “With an influx of new and returning guests to our digital channels this past year, we’ve accelerated our digital investment. Delivery through the Shack app represents the latest innovation from Shake Shack and is reflective of our increasing focus on convenience across the broader Shake Shack experience.”

As restaurants continue to see the importance of food delivery, other brands could join the Shake Shack idea. That smart device screen might become a little more crowded.

For now, the free Shake Shack fries will get everyone’s attention. It might even make the next dinner decision easier.

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Do food promotions influence your food delivery decisions? How many restaurant apps do you have on your phone?