Kel Mitchell dishes on another serving of MTV ‘s Deliciousness, exclusive

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After the successful holiday themed season 1, Kel Mitchell has come back to the couch for a second helping of MTV’s Deliciousness. As Season 2 debuts on March 22, the hilarious food theme videos are back with even more unbelievable moments. From kitchen chaos to questionable food mashups, Season 2 might make you look the kitchen in a whole new light.

Ahead of the Deliciousness Season 2 premiere, Mitchell graciously chatted with me about the new season, his connection to the cast and a few food finds that he can’t wait to enjoy again.

While many people are longing to get off their couch, Mitchell jumped at the chance to return to the Deliciousness couch with his fellow cast mates. He referred to the group as “a big family.” For him, that cast and crew laughing at all the food blunders is a big helping of happiness.

Given some of the outrageous moments from Season 1, Mitchell mentioned that he heard how many people relate to the videos. While no one should record themselves in hope of being on the MTV show, the reality is that these crazy moments really do happen. From burning something on the stove to the unexpected food fail, the relatable qualities make this show must watch food TV.

For Mitchell, he thinks that the new elements from Deliciousness Season 2 could draw in even more viewers. As an example, he mentioned a new segment about animals. While actors might disavow working with children and animals, animals eating food should bring lots of laughter.

Mitchell referred to a segment where “a monkey is actually cooking food.” Although chef monkey might not be in a restaurant near you, it will make you watch and take notice.

Another new Deliciousness Season 2 segment will have everyone talking back to the screen. Mitchell shared that a new game where everyone predicts what is next will have everyone sharing their opinion.

One example he shared was about realistic cakes. He mentioned that there’s a video where everyone has to guess whether it is a cake or an iphone before the knife cuts into it. For him, “the fun games” add to the experience. Everyone will have to watch and see who answers correctly.

Mitchell believes that the Deliciousness resonates because “everyone eats” and that aspect makes the videos “relatable.” While his grandma’s pie might not be the same as the pie on these videos, most people have that food story to tell.

Although some of these food TV moments will have people cringing, there are some good life lessons to take away from the various episodes. As Mitchell mentioned, hopefully people learn a thing or two about stopping kitchen fires correctly.

Of course, the banter between the cast mates adds to the enjoyment of Deliciousness Season 2. As a Chicago native, Mitchell has a clear hot dog preference while his fellow cast mates might take a different approach. It isn’t that one is better than the other, but that conversation is what makes people come back for another helping.

With many people looking forward to traveling and eating out again, Mitchell longs for some of his Chicago food favorites. From that deep dish pizza to a steak sandwich, those nostalgic foods are waiting for him. Even though he has enjoyed some tasty food delivery, those favorite foods from his childhood are calling him.

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If you are ready for another helping, Deliciousness Season 2 debuts on MTV March 22 with new episodes all week long.

Remember the words of Kel Mitchell, we all love food and everybody eats. Why not bring a little bite of happy to the plate to share with others.