Deliciousness Season 2 announces premiere date, exclusive

Deliciousness Season 2 announcement, photo provided by MTV
Deliciousness Season 2 announcement, photo provided by MTV /

Get ready for seconds because Deliciousness Season 2 is back with an extra helping of epic food fails. Mark your calendars for March 22 because the new season will have everyone putting down their beverages and staring in disbelief at the food shenanigans in these videos.

Shared exclusively with FoodSided, the Deliciousness Season 2 premiere is set to air March 22 at 7 p.m. on MTV. The original cast from the first season, including host Tiffani Thiessen, and panelists Angela Kinsey, Kel Mitchell, and Tim Chantarangsu, returns to the show.

In many ways, this food-centric spin-off from Ridiculousness was just the funny that people craved. Whether people could relate to the mishaps or just laughed with that moment of schadenfreude, the truth is that those food videos satisfied people’s thirst for funny.

Check out this Deliciousness Season 2 preview video for the upcoming season.

While Deliciousness Season 2 will not have a specific theme like the Season 1, these food fails will have people shocked in disbelief. Whether it is the wedding cake disaster or the food challenge gone wrong, there is no limit to the ridiculousness that can happen in and around food.

Deliciousness Season 1 seemed to come at the right time for everyone. As reported by Variety, the first season saw a significant turnout in viewers. Whether people were craving a diversion or the holiday themed videos made people feel better about the modified seasonal events, the show found an audience. Returning for a second season, many of those fans will want to devour even more food fail hilarity.

While the videos are the focus of the show, the witty banter and camaraderie between the Thiessen, Kinsey, Mitchell and Chantarangsu is the real reason to watch. Whether they debate their favorite desserts, share controversial food opinions or just find ways to push each other’s buttons, that interaction is key to the show’s success.

Although fans will have to wait to watch the next round of these laughable and cringe-worthy food videos until March 22, everyone can watch or re-watch Deliciousness Season 1 online.

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Deliciousness Season 2 premieres March 22 at 7 p.m. EST on MTV with back-to-back episodes.

Do you have an epic food fail to share? What was your favorite clip from Deliciousness Season 1?