Sonny’s BBQ Real Deal Rib Sandwich is the ultimate rib sandwich

Sonny's new sandwich, photo provided by Sonny's BBQ
Sonny's new sandwich, photo provided by Sonny's BBQ /

When a Sonny’s BBQ pit master makes ribs, the flavor delights guests and the Sonny’s BBQ Real Deal Rib Sandwich is the ultimate rib sandwich. While some quick service restaurants might tempt with their cult like following, the real, smoked barbecue flavor sets this sandwich apart from others. Are you craving that big, bold bite yet?

Available now through April 25, the Sonny’s BBQ Real Deal Rib Sandwich features “off-the-bone baby back ribs, topped with pickles, red onions and fried banana peppers on a bun.” For people who love ribs but prefer not to eat them on the bone, this sandwich will be a top choice.

While the ribs are the star of the sandwich, the reality is that the fried banana peppers set this sandwich apart. Without being too spicy, the banana peppers add a touch of tanginess. With the briny pickles, the slightly spicy pepper, and the added crunch from frying, this sandwich hits all the components for a great sandwich.

Since the Red Deal Rib Sandwich is a big bite, it is best to have a few extra napkins on hand. And, you might want to avoid wearing a white shirt. Even if the sandwich can be a little messy, the flavor is totally worth it.

For over 50 years, Sonny’s BBQ has been smoking baby back ribs. With all that experience, their food makes a statement. As Chief Brand Officer, Peter Frey, said “We’re passionate about our barbecue and are always looking for ways to innovate, perfect our craft, and provide our guests with high quality products. Our pitmasters have leaned into their craft and have finally given the restaurant industry a real rib sandwich experience that guests could enjoy from their dining room or ours.”

While many people will want a bite of the Real Deal Rib Sandwich, two more popular menu items have been permanently added to the menu. The Sonny’s Cuban, featuring pulled and sliced pork, is a hearty bite. That mustard BBQ sauce is a highlight.

Also, the Brisket Grilled Cheese is the ultimate cheesy delight. The chopped brisket is served on garlic bread with both melted cheddar cheese and queso.

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Great barbecue isn’t just a summer food. The pitmasters at Sonny’s BBQ are hard at work making some tempting menu items. Isn’t it time that you enjoy a taste?