Sour Patch Prank Fund puts the focus back on having fun

Sour Patch Prank Fund from Sour Patch Kids, photo provided by Sour Patch Kids
Sour Patch Prank Fund from Sour Patch Kids, photo provided by Sour Patch Kids /

How often have you laughed in the past year? The Sour Patch Prank Fund looks to bring a little of that Sour Patch Kids mischief back to the sweet yet sour conversation. While everyone should use care when pulling any prank, a little taste of levity can be the sweet treat that everyone needs.

From shows like Deliciousness to the Gordon Ramsay being smashed with an egg by his daughter, the reality is that sometimes people like to see others getting pranked. As Tim Chantarangsu, from Deliciousness said, as long as everyone is ok, laughing at others is fun.

After last year’s April Fools Day activities were canceled, this year people are looking to laugh again. With the Sour Patch Prank Fund, people can appreciate that moment of humor.

The Sour Patch Prank Fund is a TikTok hashtag challenge. With the help of some well-known TikTok creators, people are asked to share their silly prank video for a chance to win. Complete rules can be found on the brand’s sweepstakes page.

To be clear, Sour Patch Kids wants everyone to remember this idea. “Safety is a top priority for the Kids so, while we do want fans to have fun, we ask that all pranks are safe and respectful.” The idea with these prank videos is to find that laughter that people crave. Getting hurt or being unsafe is not part of that conversation.

Sour Patch Kids will feature some of the videos. While the pranks remain to be seen, there should be a lot of creativity involved.

Given that Sour Patch Kids is about sweet, this promotion seems to be a smart way for the brand to move the conversation forward. TikTok has had a huge influence on the food world and brands are taking notice. From the simple cooking techniques hacks to discovering new food, brands need to be part of the TikTok conversation.

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Are you ready for a little laughter? Why not watch a few of these Sour Patch Prank Fund submissions. Does a dose of laughter make any day a little brighter?