Tim Chantarangsu learned a valuable lesson from Deliciousness Season 2, exclusive

Tim Chantarangsu dishes on the appeal of MTV’s Deliciousness, photo provided by MTV
Tim Chantarangsu dishes on the appeal of MTV’s Deliciousness, photo provided by MTV /

As Deliciousness Season 2 debuts on MTV, Tim Chantarangsu found the new season of food fails more than just entertaining. Even though there is no cooking from his seat on the couch, the reality is that these food TV videos have some pretty important life lessons. What expert food advice was served on a silver platter?

After a highly successful first season, Deliciousness Season 2 is back for seconds. Ahead of the season premiere, Chantarangsu chatted with me about a few tips he recently learned, the chemistry between the cast members, and what food he longs to enjoy not in a take-out container.

When asked why he feels Deliciousness is must watch food TV, Chantarangsu had the simple, straightforward answer. He said, “it’s just fun to watch people hurt themselves.” For him, “it’s part of human nature” and “you’re allowed to laugh” as someone hits their head, as long as you know that the person is ok.

Putting the schadenfreude aside, Chantarangsu believes that “food brings people together.” It is a sentiment shared by his fellow cast mates, including Kel Mitchell. Everyone can “relate to that dropped favorite sandwich or that drunken night where you spilled everything.” Thanks to Deliciousness, everyone can see those moments and enjoy a little levity.

Still, those moments of laughter are filled with some important life lessons. As Chantarangsu revealed, thanks to Deliciousness Season 2, he knows how to put out a kitchen fire, properly. When you watch episode one, the commentary might shock you. Luckily, the new dad now knows how to handle that kitchen nightmare.

Chantarangsu admitted that he might have caught a few items in the microwave on fire, but a full kitchen emergency has been avoided. And, as a new dad, he has modified some of this cooking techniques. No more shirtless cooking for him.

Luckily, Chantarangsu and his fellow cast members have certain knowledge that brings their uniqueness to the table. While he might focus more on the enjoyment of food, he admitted that Tiffani Thiessen has made her Brussel Sprouts recipe sound really tempting. Although she hasn’t brought the dish to share, he is willing to take a bite.

In a sneak peek for an upcoming episode, Chantarangsu shared that he and Angela Kinsey had a discussion about the uses of ranch. Although he enjoys some ranch on his mac and cheese, that condiment inclusion is still under advisement in my house.

Even though people can agree, disagree or just debate food and flavor, food is that item that connects everyone. From different backgrounds to different points of view, everyone can relate to food and food fails, which is why Deliciousness Season 2 is back for another round.

As the world starts to re-open, there is one food that Chantarangsu is craving. He longs to enjoy some sushi that isn’t served in a plastic takeout container. Hopefully, we all are sitting at a table and enjoying a plate of our favorite food.

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Deliciousness Season 2 premieres new episodes on MTV starting March 22 at 7 p.m.

As the cast of Deliciousness bonded over the love of food, Tim Chantarangsu shared a very poignant thought. “Everyone has their own special relationship with food” and the “beauty of food is that we all relate to it.” And, a good laugh at other people’s food fails can be a tasty treat.