evian expands into functional beverages with Feed Your Mind

New evian+ Feed Your Mind, photo provided by evian
New evian+ Feed Your Mind, photo provided by evian /

The hydration story is moving beyond refreshing water. With evian + Feed Your Mind beverages, the brand takes a step forward in multiple ways. The new flavored sparkling mineral enhanced drinks will have many people changing their routines. Are you ready to grab one of these aluminum cans?

Many people are drawn to the classic evian water. From its packaging that alludes to its French Alps spring water to its crisp taste that always refreshes, the brand is always in fashion. As the hydration story evolves into functional beverages, the brand’s expansion has multiple elements.

The naturally occurring electrolytes in the evian spring water gives the brand its iconic crisp taste. Building on that flavor, the Feed Your Mind expansion adds zesty flavor combinations without any added calories or sugars. In addition, these waters add magnesium and zinc to boost the healthy eating aspects of those minerals.

Shweta Harit, VP of Marketing at evian, said “The introduction of a sparkling, flavored, mineral-enhanced drink reflects the importance of adapting to our consumers’ evolving needs and tastes. We are delivering the crisp taste of evian natural spring water in a new and fun way, as we continue to act and support a generation who seek to become the best version of their true selves.”

new evian + Feed Your Mind functional beverages
New evian+ Feed Your Mind, photo provided by evian /

The four new flavors include Raspberry & Ginseng, Lime & Ginger, Grapefruit & Basil and Cucumber & Mint. Looking at these flavors, there is a spa-like quality. The combination of brightness with a hint of savory makes them quite refreshing.

In some ways, these flavors open the door to many possibilities. When water seems boring, some people would prefer a different beverage. For example, the grapefruit and basil flavor could inspire some other food pairings beyond the glass. Could these beverages spark a bigger conversation or maybe that idea is part of the point.

As Kristie Leigh, RD at evian, said that the brand is “able to offer a unique and delicious hydration experience, with a product that contributes to normal cognitive function, feeding the minds of our consumers through its functional ingredients.”

The reality is that consumers want more from their water. From flavor to function, brands need to find a way to set themselves apart. With these new beverages hitting store shelves, it will be interesting to see how consumers react.

Food and beverage trends show that consumers crave products that fit within their healthy lifestyles. More importantly, they want products that feed their passions and keep them engaged. From flavors to function, each element needs to be in balance to achieve that perfect sip.

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The new evian + Feed Your Mind line is available at select retailers, including Walgreens. Other locations, including Amazon will be coming soon.

Have you joined the functional beverages conversation? Are you thirsty for this new beverage?