Dua Lipa becomes evian ambassador and sparks a new hydration story

Dua Lipa is the new global ambassador of evian, photo provided by evian
Dua Lipa is the new global ambassador of evian, photo provided by evian /

On her Instagram, Dua Lipa shares her role as evian ambassador.

Joining the evian team, Dua Lipa becomes the first female music artist to put her talents and voice behind the iconic beverage brand. As seen on her Instagram account, Dua brings a new excitement and energy to the creative team. Now, there is a new musical vibe to the stay hydrated mantra.

The evian team is filled with creative, strong icons. From Virgil Abloh to Maria Sharapova to Kyle Edmund and Stan Wawrinka, the evian team is a powerhouse of influential voices that bring both creative and thoughtful approach to the hydration conversation.

According to Dua, she said, “It’s a real honour to be working with evian and I’m excited about what lies ahead. I have always admired how evian champions young creativity, which is so important to myself and future generations.”

As brands look to set themselves apart, these brand partnerships are important. Consumers are looking to foster a connection between themselves and pop culture icons. For some consumers, they will choose one option over another because of the celebrity connection.

For evian, the brand has become more focused on the creativity connection to the hydration story. It is more than just grabbing another water bottle at the checkout counter. The focus in on moving a conversation forward with passion, consciousness and awareness.

Based on the announcement, it will be interesting to see how evian leverages this brand partnership. Given Dua’s large following and loyal fans, there are many opportunities to forward not only a hydration story but also the creativity behind the brand. Could there be a new musical aspect to that conversation?

Lastly, the image shared on Instagram has more implications that what appears in first glance. Dua is pictured with the iconic evian glass bottle. Given the brand’s focus on a sustainable future, the glass bottle was a smart choice.

As this partnership develops, it will be interesting to see what lies ahead. In some ways, it could spark a new interesting in the iconic water brand.

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What do you think of this new brand partnership? Will it change your preferred water brand?