Nick Offerman reveals his gouda advice for Wisconsin Cheese lovers

Nick Offerman at the Wisconsin Cheese SXSW event, photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese
Nick Offerman at the Wisconsin Cheese SXSW event, photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese /

While Nick Offerman might have grown up just south of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Cheese has been a tasty part of his recent favorite food cravings. From that cheese plate enjoyed while bird watching with his wife to discovering his yearning for gouda, Offerman is not joking around about his love of cheese.

During the Wisconsin Cheese SXSW event, Offerman, along with many other special appearances via Cameo, joined in a spirited conversation about all things cheese. Even though he knows how to turn a phrase, the special event proved that Offerman was ready to slice off some tasty cheese knowledge.

While guests enjoyed their own sampling of some of the greatest gouda and other Wisconsin Cheese offerings virtually, Offerman partook in a cheese journey with some master cheese makers from around Wisconsin. Although there might not be a class on pairing cheese eating and wood working, Offerman wished that he could earn the title of Master Cheesemaker.

Similar to the boisterous welcome of kazoos that welcome Offerman, he admitted that he loves those delicious squeaky cheese curds. Adding, “Of all the comfort foods, the first thing I’ll reach for is a bag of curds. Once I find out they are in the refrigerator, they don’t last for long,” And, a sharp cheddar is often a start of his epic Wisconsin Cheese plate, even if he is part bratwurst.

Even though cheese lovers were enjoying their goudas, gruyeres and cheese curds from the comfort of their couch, this SXSWisconin Cheesin’ Around showed how the love of great food brings people together. Whether it was Offerman’s commentary during the event or the multitude of other celebrities’ Cameos sharing their best cheese stories, the reality is that food is that universal language.

Over the past year, people have found creative ways to engage with others. Whether it is the bonding over the perfect cheese and champagne pairing or discovering the secret to the best tasting hot chocolate, people connect over the love of food.

As Suzanne Fanning, CMO of Wisconsin Cheese, said, “We’re always finding new and innovative ways to personalize experiences and engage with cheese lovers across the country.” This SXSW event is another slice on that ever-expanding cheese plate. From the customized cheese boxes to the carefully curated program, the virtual event brought together people in a way that will linger even after the cheese board has been put away.

While Rod Swanson on Parks and Recreation once said, “There has never been a sadness that cannot be cured by breakfast food,” it seems that Nick Offerman might change that food phrase to end in with the all stars of the cheese league, Wisconsin Cheese.

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What is the star of your cheese plate? Are you open to experimenting with cheese?