Best champagne and cheese pairings that always impress

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These champagne and cheese pairings are the star of the cheese plate.

On special occasions, champagne and cheese pairings are the refined food and beverage combination that will impress even the most picky foodie. If you are going to splurge on a good bottle of champagne, the cheese needs to complement that classic French wine.

When thinking about the best champagne and cheese pairings, the idea is to focus on creamy, buttery and rich cheeses. Those flavors are balanced by the champagne bubbles and flavor. It is a simple idea of bubbles and cream.

While many people have a preferred cheese, a few classic combinations always seem to sparkle in exciting ways. A rind cheese, with rich buttery flavor, seems to call to champagne. Although the richness seems strong at first, the champagne bubbles lifts the flavor and makes the palate ready for another taste.

One lovely example is to pair a camembert with a champagne. Since champagne tends to have tiny bubbles, the creamy Camembert style cheese seems to call to the champagne. While there is a touch of salt in the cheese, the acidity from the champagne is the balance. It is the reason to go back bite after bite.

One lovely cheese option is the Hoard’s Dairyman St. Saviour. The Wisconsin cheese could be the savior to your champagne and cheese pairing.

Another classic pairing is brie. While there are many types of brie, the Triple Creme is the indulgent pairing that must be savored. The dense, luscious, butterfat calls to those tiny bubbles.

Consider the Schroeder Kase Triple Creme Brie. While you might want to share this Wisconsin Cheese pairing combination, make sure that you leave a second glass and a second serving hidden for yourself.

In a less common pairing, consider champagne and blue cheese. Instead of a pungent blue cheese, consider a mild blue cheese like a BelGioioso Creamy Gorg. The balanced Wisconsin cheese highlights the fruity notes in a champagne.

Just be cautious with this champagne and cheese pairing. A very pungent blue cheese will overpower a champagne. Look for a blue cheese with more subtle flavors.

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Are you ready to pop open a bottle and enjoy a taste? Could champagne and cheese pairings be your favorite food combination?