Heinz Launches Buffaranch and Sweet Ketchili

New Heinz sauces, photo provided by Heinz
New Heinz sauces, photo provided by Heinz /

Heinz has Americans obsessed with their creations ever since they dropped Mayochup followed by Kranch, Mayomust, Mayocue, Honeyracha and Mayoracha. Heinz’s latest condiment mashups are coming to the culinary rescue with the launch of Buffaranch and Sweet Ketchili.

The Sweet Ketchili is exactly what it sounds like, a blend of ketchup with the spicy Thai flavor of sweet chili sauce. The product description describes this condiment as “perfect for dipping and can be used as an alternative for regular hot sauce or ketchup on chicken nuggets, burgers, and fries.” A verified purchaser already said, “this stuff is the bomb.”

Personally, this sounds like it would make a tasty sauce to toss mini shrimps and serve as a rock shrimp appetizer, but I guess I’ll need to test that out first.

Second up, and likely going to be the more popular of the two, Buffaranch! According to Food & Wine who spoke with Heinz directly, Buffaranch is a “combination of buffalo sauce and tangy ranch for the perfect balance between creamy and spicy that tastes delicious on literally everything.” UM YES. This 100% sounds like something that should have already existed, but we are so glad it’s going to be here in time for summer (at least we hope so).

The two new sauces are a permanent addition to Heinz’s lineup and will be making its way to your kitchen soon since these mashups are already making appearances at U.S. retailers nationwide, including Meijer and Walmart at a SRP of $3.79.

Each condiment is packaged in the easy, squeezable and resealable bottle we all know and love, and can be taken on-the-go for picnics, BBQs and beach days, because who wouldn’t want to add these as a dipping sauce for crinkle cut fries.

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Heinz also recently launched three new sauce mashups, Heinz Tarchup, Wasabioli and Hanch, inspired by Canadian bloggers, which means right now it’s only available in Canada and not the U.S., but we’re not complaining anymore because Buffaranch seems like a groundbreaking discovery.