Heinz Honeyracha is looking to score big in the condiment aisle

New Heinz Honeyracha saucy sauce, photo provided by Heinz
New Heinz Honeyracha saucy sauce, photo provided by Heinz /

Move over classic ketchup, Heinz Honeyracha is looking to score with foodies. Will that combination of sweet and heat be the winning sauce for your table?

While Heinz is king of the condiment aisle, it is looking to push the flavor envelope, again. Heinz Honeyracha is kicking off its announcement in a big way. Do you think this new condiment will score with fans?

Ketchup has, and will continue to be, a favorite condiment. The tomato based sauce tops hamburgers, is used in meatloaf, and to the dismay of many Chicagoans, put on hot dogs. While ketchup is a classic, that condiment is starting to evolve.

Although many people have amped up their own ketchup at home or created the perfect dual condiment mix, Heinz has created their own versions. Previously, the brand has released MayoChup, a combination of mayonnaise and ketchup, a spicy option and even a ketchup with extra veggies. The brand is always looking for ways to innovate.

During a Super Bowl LIV ad, Heinz will unveil a special commercial. In a 30-second ad by Roman Coppola, the brand  will sprout from the field. While the commercial will surely be entertaining, foodies want to know about the newest flavor to join the brand’s line-up.

According to Heinz, the Honeyracha is said to be a combination of spicy and sweet. Based on the name, it should include flavors of honey and sriracha, the spicy and sweet.

Sriracha and ketchup have become a popular combination. Many people want to kick up the heat levels. Whether it is because people crave spice or it is for a specific dish, this combination is becoming almost as common as ketchup.

By adding honey to the combination, Heinz makes the condiment more approachable to people who might be spice adverse. The sweetness of the honey should tame a little of the heat.

It will be interesting to see how this flavor develops. Does it start spicy and finish sweet? Or, is the opposite flavor combination true? No matter which one happens, it will be worth a taste test.

Overall, consumers are wanting bigger, bolder flavors. It continues to be a top food trend. This Heinz Honeyracha fits well in all the food trends.

While the big announcement comes in a Super Bowl ad, everyone will have to wait till Spring 2020, when it hits store shelves. Until then, foodies will have to ponder the perfect recipe to try the first taste.

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What do you think of this new Heinz Honeyracha? Do you think it will be a huge hit?