Kraft Created Kits to Help Overcome “Mayophobia”

Kraft Mayophobia, photo provided by Kraft
Kraft Mayophobia, photo provided by Kraft /

Apparently 20% of Americans hate mayo, who knew? I would think since “Mayochup” has such a large following that mayo would be widely appreciated, but all this time people have been suffering from “Mayophobia,” which is a dislike of mayo.

Kraft is deeply hurt that people are missing out on the key condiment that makes a good sandwich a great sandwich, so they are introducing a limited-edition Overcoming Mayophobia Kit.

What exactly is an Overcoming Mayophobia Kit? 

To help those overcome their fear of mayo, Kraft created a step-by-step guide designed to gradually increase the dosage of mayo over the course of four months.

The kit will work toward the goal of accepting mayo with activities that exercise texture, smell, and the taste of Kraft Mayo.

What’s included in the Overcoming Mayophobia Kit?

  • Various Sizes of Mayo: To ease Americans into the taste of mayo, the kit will start with gradual sizes of Kraft Mayo, from a 2-ounce packet all the way to a 1-gallon tall boy. You have to start somewhere, right?
  • Blindfold: No, this isn’t for your beauty sleep, but I wouldn’t judge you. You’ll receive a blindfold to help you get use to the taste without having to look at the mayo being applied to a sandwich.
  • Clothes Pin: Obviously not for clothes but to help block the smell of the mayo (yikes, I didn’t realize people really can’t stand mayo)
  • Sharpie: To rename the mayo to anything other than mayo (maybe people just don’t like the name? Honestly, no idea)

How to Get a Kit

Of course, you should probably know of or be the person who doesn’t love mayo. We get it, mayo isn’t for everyone, but from now until April 8, you can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a limited-edition Overcoming Mayophobia Kit.

To enter, you have to tag Kraft Mayo on Twitter or Instagram while using the hashtags #mayophobia and #sweepstakes.

If entering via Twitter or Instagram, make sure your account is set to “public” and not “private” and each Twitter entrant must have their direct message privacy settings set to “allow message requests from everyone” or be following @RealKraftMayo on Twitter.

FYI 100 winners will be selected at random so keep a lookout on your DMs.

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