Who won the Easter Basket Challenge on Food Network?

Easter Basket Challenge, photo provided by Food Network
Easter Basket Challenge, photo provided by Food Network /

Before the bunny leaves on his hop-tastic adventure, the Easter Basket Challenge winner was announced on Food Network. After several weeks of challenges, only one person could earn the ultimate Easter baking, crafting and creating challenge. Are you ready for the big reveal?

As seen in the Easter Basket Challenge finale, Ora Beth Mika impressed Sunny Anderson, Claudia Sandoval, and Jordan Andino with a three foot panoramic egg creation. After proving herself throughout the season, the final challenge earned her the coveted Food Network prize.

Throughout the season, the contestants were challenged beyond their baking skills. Although Spring Baking Championship might push some food boundaries, this Food Network show added the crafting and decorative element.

In some ways, this seasonal competition captured elements that many home bakers and crafters appreciate. From the perfect Easter display to the delectable dessert, all the elements had to come together to earn the bunny-approved glory.

Food Network Easter Basket Challenge winner announced.

While Ora Beth Mika might not be a household name, her confectionery creativity is quite impressive. Although that finale egg display earned her the glory, her Instagram account shows a wide array of visually stunning delights.

As the owner of Flour and Bloom Cakes, Mika seems to be known for creating edible art. While her wedding cakes show a delicate hand with realistic flowers, her gingerbread houses from the holidays show impressive , intricate details.

Even a few of her creations follow the realistic cake trends. One look at her garden, some people might be surprised to see what is under that dirt.

Although the Easter Basket Challenge winner has been crowned, it will be interesting to see if Food Network has this show return next year or if a similar version will return for other holidays. While the summer series of Wedding Cake Challenge and even the popular Halloween Wars are fan favorites, this particular programming seems to take Food Network in a different direction. By combining baking and making, it shows that food and home are intertwined during the holidays.

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