Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade is Blake Shelton’s perfect summer refreshment

Smithworks Hard Seltzer, photo provided by Smithworks
Smithworks Hard Seltzer, photo provided by Smithworks /

It might be time to put down the Bloody Mary because Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade will be taking over coolers this summer. While not everyone has an Oklahoma ranch like Blake Shelton, hard seltzer fans can crack open a can of his signature drink. This new Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade will become a classic summer beverage.

From hanging out in the backyard to days at the lake, lemonade is often the preferred drink on a hot day. The tart flavor is instantly refreshing.

Sometimes, people prefer a cocktail or libation to enjoy, too. When the sun is high in the sky, everyone wants a dink that will keep the fun going all day long. From the first burger off the grill till the last s’mores by the campfire, a great beverage can be enjoyed throughout the gathering.

What does Blake Shelton say about Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade?

Many people have discovered Smithworks Vodka. Often referred to as “the spirit of the Heartland,” the corn and water used in the distilling process comes from the Midwest. That connection to home and heart can be felt in each sip.

The new Smithworks Hard Seltzer continues that connection. While the brand references the ideas of either kicking back or kicking up dust, the truth is that this hard seltzer looks to fit into any drinking occasion. From the casual backyard barbecue to the momentous celebration, the versatility has great appeal.

Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade by Blake Shelton
Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade, photo provided by Smithworks /

Blake Shelton said, “Our new Smithworks hard seltzers taste like liquid sunshine. Infused with the flavors of crisp and refreshing lemonade, it’s the perfect way to kick back and cool off this summer.” More importantly, this hard seltzer maintains its roots and values that drew fans to the Smithworks brand.

The Smithworks Hard Seltzer comes in four flavors, Classic Lemon, Ripe Strawberry, Southern Peach Tea, and Crisp Lime. While these flavors are similar to other hard seltzer varieties, one sip showcases the subtle differences.

For example, the Southern Peach Tea is a delightful option for a backyard barbecue. The juiciness of the peach combined with the tartness of the lemonade is refreshing. With the sweetness from the tea, the drink is balanced.

Thinking about the Southern Peach Tea, the beverage would be perfect with some slow smoked pork ribs or even some simple grilled chicken. Since this hard seltzer feels light, it is possible to enjoy more than one over a leisurely afternoon. While sessionable doesn’t apply to hard seltzers, the concept is similar.

Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade will be sold in a 12-pack variety, a 6-count classic lemon pack and tall single serve cans of the Classic Lemon and Ripe Strawberry flavors. The launch will be available in 17 states with additional distribution coming later in 2021.

Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade has 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar per 12 oz can, and 5% ABV.

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Are you ready for some fun in the sun this summer? Toast to good times and good friends. Doesn’t the simple life deserve better refreshment?