Is there really a Bud Light Seltzer Pizza Flavor?

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Beverage trends are always evolving, but is the Bud Light Seltzer Pizza Flavor really the food and beverage taste that people want? Sure, pizza and beer are always a good choice. Who hasn’t enjoyed an iced cold beer with a slice on a Friday night. But, should your beer taste like pizza?

As Bud Light shared on socials, the Bud Light Seltzer Pizza had four flavors, Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Anchovy and Veggie. While not the typical fruit or lemonade flavors associated with hard seltzers, this new flavor direction might be similar to some of the other bolder, spicy flavors trends.

Maybe anchovies are the new spice trend. People might be tired of that scorching heat. It could be time for salty trends.

Would you really sip on Bud Light Seltzer Pizza flavors?

If you haven’t guessed already, the concept is an April Fools joke. The reality of a fish flavored beverage is even too much for some of the biggest foodies. Even though many people enjoy a refreshing hard seltzer with a pizza, they may not want the beverage to taste like pizza. Or, do they?

But, in all honesty, the beverage idea is founded in reality. There are some beers that are flavored like pizza. Martin House Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas, launched a Space Pizza. Brewed with pizza spices, the beer is said to have that pizza flavor quality.

Building on the brewery’s michelada flavors, there is tomato paste used in the flavoring process too. It was a limited edition offering, but this brewery isn’t afraid of pushing the flavor envelope. It even had a wing sauce beer previously.

Although the Bud Light Seltzer Pizza flavor was just an April Fools joke, the reality is that beverage flavors are evolving. Joke or not, unusual flavors might not be so unusual anymore.

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Could a sushi beer or hard seltzer be next? More importantly, are you adventurous enough to try it?