Is this summer about all the Let’s White Claw mentality?

(Photo by Christopher Lane/Getty Images for White Claw)
(Photo by Christopher Lane/Getty Images for White Claw) /

As the most popular hard seltzer, the idea of Let’s White Claw is more than just a sip of refreshment. It is a philosophy. Sometimes life’s simple pleasures are the ones that are the most fun. Is your can chilled yet?

For many people that white can with the now instantly recognizable logo was their first hard seltzer. Long before the store shelves were lined with a rainbow of cans, this brand stood out. Even when drinkers referred to it as just alcoholic seltzer, the black cherry flavor was quickly becoming a popular choice.

While the hard seltzer phenomenon stemmed from beer drinkers and IPA fans wanting a break from all that hoppiness became a hugely successful beverage category. From convenience to flavor, that hard seltzer is almost as popular as its beer counterpart.

The Let’s White Claw philosophy is for everyone.

White Claw
White Claw launches Let’s White Claw, photo provided by White Claw /

Simply stated, the “Let’s” concept is about having fun. One of the reasons that this brand has led the beverage trend is because its fans are passionate about it.

John Shea, Chief Marketing Officer, White Claw Hard Seltzer, USA, said, “Let’s White Claw was inspired by the love our fans have for the brand. It is a celebration of that feeling of pure uncomplicated fun that White Claw enables. Let’s White Claw is about freedom and connecting. When the question is ‘should we?’ our answer is always Let’s.”

In the past year, everyone is looking to take that deep breath, enjoy the moment, and push that dark cloud away. It isn’t that the past will be forgotten, but it is time to find the positives that seem to have been clouded. With the ability to embrace the moment, people are ready for more.

Throughout the year, this brand philosophy will take shape. From creators who share their stories to regular people who are living the year of yes, the beverage will become more than just another can of refreshment. It will become a state of mind.

The new campaign comes following the brand’s flavor extension into hard tea. Using a BrewPure process, the brewed tea flavors are perfect for warmer months. With a hint of fruit flavor combined with the tea, the refreshment fits well into the brand’s core values.

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After a year of can’t, isn’t it time to embrace that yes we can attitude. Pop open a can of White Claw and see where that beverage takes you.