Beefy Potato-rito is at Taco Bell and it’s a steal

Taco Bell Beefy Potato -Rito, photo provided by Taco Bell
Taco Bell Beefy Potato -Rito, photo provided by Taco Bell /

The Beefy Potato-rito is the best excuse to head to Taco Bell. Starting on April 15, the Taco Bell menu item is just $1. Don’t you have some change in those seat cushions that can buy you lunch?

When Taco Bell took its potatoes off the menu in 2020, many people were unhappy. Although the quick service restaurant has a vast array of vegetarian and even vegan options, many people found the potato menu items quite satisfying.

Luckily, the Spicy Potato Soft Taco and the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes returned to the menu earlier this year. Now, the Beefy Potato-rito joins those two menu items.

The Beefy Potato-rito features the classic crispy potato bites, seasoned beef and nacho cheese. The warm flour tortilla is topped with creamy chipotle sauce. One bite is pure potato, cheesy goodness.

Besides the Beefy Potato-rito, what other Taco Bell items have potatoes?

While many people will be excited to purchase this burrito for just $1, there is another Taco Bell menu reveal that some guests might not realize. Did you know that you can add potatoes to any order?

Since the Taco Bell app makes custom orders easy, anyone can add some crispy potato bites to an order. From a burrito to a taco, any menu item can have potatoes. That ability to customize an order isn’t a secret menu item that requires a special password. Everyone can learn this menu hack.

With Taco Bell’s commitment to more vegetarian and vegan options, potatoes can make a dish heartier. From wanting some extra texture in a dish to just enjoying the spicy flavor, many dishes could be better with potatoes.

Even though Taco Bell streamlined its menu last year, the quick service restaurant has decided to bring various menu items back. Between that choice, its app customization options and its value menu, many people are falling in love with the brand all over again. When food can satisfy, be a good value and be convenient, it is a win for everyone.

The Taco Bell Beefy Potato-rito will be available starting April 15. Taco Bell Rewards Beta members received early access to the menu item now.

But, don’t wait too long to try the Taco Bell Beefy Potato-riot. It is only a limited time menu item.

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What do you think of the return of potatoes? Are you making a Taco Bell run now?