Chandon refreshes its look and its commitment to craftsmanship

New Chandon bottle design, photo provided by Chandon
New Chandon bottle design, photo provided by Chandon /

It is time to pop open a bottle because Chandon revealed its new design. While the popular American sparkling wine is a favorite, the iconic bottle is getting a new look. After 60 years, the new bottle takes a bold approach with its vertical design. Is it time for you to rediscover the taste?

From a moment to celebrate to a sip to savor, Chandon has been part of many wine drinkers’ traditions. The American sparkling wine always delivers with its impeccable flavor as well as its effervescence. Whether sipped on its own or incorporated into a cocktail, there is always a reason to pop open another bottle.

With the new design, Chandon takes on a bolder look. The vertical label is met to catch the eye. Whether that image is meant to invoke bubbles rising to the top or simply a new approach to wine labels, it is clear that this sparkling wine now stands out on the shelf.

Chandon is the perfect sparkling wine for any occasion

Although sparkling wine often marks a celebration, the food and wine pairings are abundant. From that easy Friday night dinner to the Sunday family meal, there is always an excuse to pop open a bottle.

Thinking of the classic Chandon Brut, the flavors of apple, pear and citrus highlight the dry finish. As the slightly spicy aroma invites the first sip, it can be hard to resist a second glass.

When making this food and wine pairing, consider a hearty dish, like Eggs Benedict at brunch or even some chicken and waffles. Going into warmer months, this sparkling wine pairs well with some crab cakes or even a simple Caesar Salad.

If you prefer a little color with a meal, the Chandon Rose is the vibrant addition to many food and wine pairings. With the flavors of watermelon, cherry and strawberry, the freshness awakens the palate.

In many ways, this sparkling wine would be delightful at a summer barbecue. Served with burgers and fries, it would be a lovely alternative to beer.

Or, it is equally delightful with fish, like a tuna tartare or even some sushi. Although the phrase rose all day is used often, this sparkling wine has limitless possibilities.

Whether Chandon is your preferred sparkling wine or you are looking for a new sip, the redesigned label will definitely catch your eye on the shelf. More importantly, popping open one bottle might lead to a lifetime love affair with this American classic.

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What is your favorite food and wine pairing? Have you become more adventurous with your flavor options?