OpenTable Back to the Table program brings diners more restaurant options

Clyde's Fine Diner on East Grand Ave. in Des Moines.20191030 Clydes
Clyde's Fine Diner on East Grand Ave. in Des Moines.20191030 Clydes /

After a year that plunged the restaurant industry into chaos, OpenTable Back to the Table looks to bring diners back to their favorite restaurants. As diners feel more comfortable enjoying a meal at their favorite restaurant and local dining restrictions have been lessened, the return to the table has begun. With this new program from OpenTable, diners have more resources to help them make an informed decision.

In the past year, the restaurant dining experience has evolved from impeccable service at a favorite table to takeout containers on the couch. Even though some restaurants shuttered their doors, other locations are ready to welcome guests back to their favorite table that holds memories from delicious meals of the past.

Through the OpenTable Back to the Table program, the organization looks to connect diners and restaurants in an efficient, seamless way. From a Reopening Heat Map to Popular Restaurant Picks, all the tools are at diners’ fingertips.

How can the OpenTable Back to the Table be a step in the right direction?

While many diners became adapt at ordering from their favorite delivery app, the reality is that food delivery is not the same as enjoying a meal at a restaurant. Although those chicken wings might be delicious sports watching food, the restaurant that delivers them might not be showing that game in person. When you want to enjoy the game fellow fans, isn’t it important to find a restaurant that offers that option?

Through the Back to the Table program, diners and restaurants have a platform to communicate. With the various rules and regulations constantly changing, the reopening heat map gives up-to-date information. From re-opening status to potential restrictions, it is always better to know before you go.

As people look to dine out again, the platform is showcasing options. From making that special birthday dinner reservation to make up for last year’s pizza on couch to the best place to take the family for an end of school celebration, OpenTable has a variety of restaurant picks that are perfect for any and every occasion.

Even though the road to recovery will be long for restaurants, the reality is that the people behind that delicious plate of food have a story. Sometimes the best meal comes from a person who fought to bring that food to the table. With a variety of uplifting stories on its platform, diners might choose to support these restaurants who fought to stay in business.

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In the end, restaurant tables are waiting to be filled by guests and OpenTable Back to the Table is here to help. Are you ready to make a reservation today?