S.Pellegrino Essenza Coffee flavors are the perfect afternoon pick me up

S.Pellegrino Essenza coffee-inspired flavor, photo provided by S.Pellegrino
S.Pellegrino Essenza coffee-inspired flavor, photo provided by S.Pellegrino /

Discovering that new sip of refreshment can the ultimate beverage find and the new S.Pellegrino Essenza Coffee flavors could become a new afternoon tradition. With just a hint of coffee flavor and a touch of sweetness, these sparkling beverages bring a taste of an Italian coffee bar to any location. If you are ready to pop open a can, what can you expect from that first sip?

S.Pellegrino has always been a popular sparkling water. The gently carbonated beverage has a slight minerality mixed into its effervescence. Whether enjoyed with food or as an alternative to still water, the sparkling water is always a delightful choice.

In 2019, S.Pellegrino launched the Essenza line. The original flavors were inspired by fruits often found around the Mediterranean Coasts. Those blended fruit flavors are zesty and bright. With a touch of sweetness, the sparkling water entices sip after sip.

How is the S.Pellegrino Essenza Coffee a must try for coffee drinkers?

The three new S.Pellegrino Essenza Coffee flavors are Exotic Vanilla and Coffee, Cocoa and Coffee, and Caramel and Coffee. While the coffee flavor is clear, it is not overpowering. By combining the coffee with the other sweeter notes, the sparkling beverage can be a smart substitute for those overly sugary coffee drinks. It satisfies the sweet craving without being overly indulgent.

Sara Meyer, Senior Marketing Manager for S.Pellegrino said, “With sophisticated and indulgent hints of vanilla, cocoa and caramel, and a gentle dose of caffeine, this new offering is the perfect accompanient to perk up your daily breaks and snack times.” That statement shows that the versatility of this beverage is clear.

Whether it is pairing these new beverages with a simple cheese plate or serving them with a leisurely brunch, the options are many. Personally, just slowly sipping one as an afternoon break can be the perfect pick-me up.

Since sparkling water can be used as a cocktail mixer, these S.Pellegrino flavors lend themselves to creative cocktails. Whether it is a twist on a dessert cocktail with a touch of a robust bourbon or even paired with a flavored vodka the options are many.

Even this sparkling beverage could be used as an ingredient swap to an egg creme. That boost of coffee flavor would be delightful.

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The S.Pellegrino Essenza coffee beverages will be sold in 8-can packages with a suggested retail price of $5.99.

What do you think of this new sparkling beverage? Could it be your new me time refreshment?