Kraft Singles captures the most delicious grilled cheese aroma

Kraft Singles grilled cheese-cense, photo provided by Kraft Singles
Kraft Singles grilled cheese-cense, photo provided by Kraft Singles /

Certain food aromas are quite enticing. Kraft Singles understands that its iconic cheese slices have been part of many people’s grilled cheese traditions. From the first sandwich that you perfected on your own to the bite that just seems to make the day seem better, that simple, yet tasty sandwich always satisfies. Can you think of that aroma and hear your stomach grumble?

Recently, food aromas have expanded out of the kitchen and into the cultural collective. While many people can think of the sweet baked cookie flavor or even those warm cinnamon buns, memorable scents aren’t limited to just baking.

Would you want to take the deliciousness of a grilled cheese wherever you go? Luckily, Kraft Singles has created the ultimate solution.

What are the Kraft Singles Grilled Cheese-cense?

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, Kraft Singles create the first incense that smells like grilled cheese. That’s right it’s incense that smells like everyone’s favorite sandwich.

To be clear, this offer is not a joke. It is long after April Fools Day. According to the brand, these are “grilled cheese scented incense sticks with a wooden branded incense holder.” Whether you put this incense in the kitchen, the dining room or anywhere else, the option is totally up to you.

While this grilled cheese incense isn’t available in stores, grilled cheese lovers can try to win some on social media. From April 12 through April 15, the brand will give away 1,000 Grilled CheeseCense sticks and holders. More information on how to enter can be found at

Whether it is always cheese o’clock in your house or you want to breathe cheesy, these Grilled CheeseCense sticks might be the ultimate food find for grilled cheese lovers. Whether one whiff makes your stomach grumble remains to be seen.

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What do you think of this special offer? What is the most unusual food scented product have you seen?