Bell Apple Freeze is the tasty reason to head to this Taco Bell Cantina

Bell Apple Freeze at Taco Bell Cantina in New York City , photo provided by Taco Bell
Bell Apple Freeze at Taco Bell Cantina in New York City , photo provided by Taco Bell /

Surrounded by the bright lights of Time Square, the Bell Apple Freeze is one of the many highlights of the Taco Bell Cantina in New York City. As the popular quick service restaurant looks to expand its Cantina offerings, this particular location blends the old and the new in a seamless way. From convenience to innovation, many people will be lining up on April 14 for that first look.

For many people, Taco Bell satisfies their cravings. From that custom cravings box to new menu offerings to customization via its app, the quick service restaurant seems to always deliver what its guests want. From cost-effective food options to variety to convenience, there is a reason why the brand continues to be on the top of its game.

With the new Time Square Taco Bell Cantina, the brand balances the old and the new in creative ways. While the Cantina offerings look to showcase enhanced customer experience, this location gives a nod to history. Located in the historic Paramount Building, this restaurant incorporated the landmark’s iconic appearance while adapting certain aspects to allow for convenience.

Building on that idea, the digital-only ordering mimics the iconic electronic billboards all around Times Square. Plus, for the city that never sleeps, the pickup cubbies allow guests to grab and go their food at their convenience. The bright glowing cubbies beckon guests to discover the new ordering experience.

What can guests expect from the Bell Apple Freeze?

Since the Time Square location is a Taco Bell Cantina, the menu has special offerings. The exclusive Bell Apple Freeze is a “Green Apple Freeze swirled with a sweet cherry apple flavor.” This beverage sounds as if it is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. In some ways, the color is almost as enticing as the flavor. This beverage retails for $3.59.

From the special beverage to the Taco Bell merchandise to the location itself, this Taco Bell Cantina should become a food and travel destination. Although it might not have the pop culture connection like Guy Fieri’s Triple D list restaurants, the reality is that people want to be in the foodie know. Being one of the first people to experience this Taco Bell location could be that status statement.

The new Times Square Taco Bell Cantina opens on April 14. For more information, please visit the company’s website.

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