Busch Dog Brew wants to put your pooch to work

Busch Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer, photo provided by Busch Beer
Busch Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer, photo provided by Busch Beer /

If your dog has a sophisticated palate, Busch Dog Brew has an offer for your beloved four-legged family member. The Chief Tasting Officer position needs to be filled. Is your pooch up to the task?

Last year, Busch Dog Brew saw people jump at the chance of cracking open a cold one with their dog companion. That bone broth brew sold out the first batch in just 24 hours. This beverage option offers a new take on enjoying a brew with friends.

Now, Busch is ready to take its special canine brew to new levels. With the help of its Chief Tasting Officer, the brand hopes to find the ultimate ambassador for the special beverage.

Daniel Blake, Vice President of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch, said, “The reaction to Busch Dog Brew’s release last year was so overwhelmingly positive that we knew we had a big challenge in Year 2 to keep the momentum going. So to expand the brand this year, we needed a true expert in the space on our team. We’re excited to give one qualified canine a real, paying job and to tap into their insider knowledge of our target consumer to expand Busch Dog Brew in 2021!”

How can you be the Busch Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer?

Becoming the brand’s Chief Tasting Officer does require a special set of skills. The brand ambassador will have to have a great palate, an eye for detail and of course a big personality. The pooch who can fetch this coveted position will have to do it all. It might be a big task, but many dogs will be up to the challenge.

Busch Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer position
Busch Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer position, photo provided by Busch Beer /

The Busch brand is ready to help, too. Although dogs who have a good command of English are encouraged to apply, dog translators can be available to convey that perfect bark assessment into more understandable terms for the two-legged listeners.

Anyone who feels that their dog is up to the task can apply via social media with the #BuschCTOcontest. The submission should include a photo and your dog’s special qualities that will help him or her stand out in a crowd.

Even if you don’t have a dog in your family, just scrolling through the submissions should bring a smile to your day. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing happy dog pics?

While this contest is just for the dogs, it begs the question. Could a cat cocktail be on the horizon? After the recent release of a cat cookbook, the felines might need some love, too. Maybe fall will see some purrfect pours for cats.

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The Busch Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer promotion runs April 28, 2021. For more information on contest rules and other information, please visit Busch.com/CTO.

Ready to put your dog to work? Doesn’t your pooch deserve a reward for that loyalty?