This Nailed It baking tip will instantly make you a better baker, exclusive

NAILED IT Season 5 Episode We're Gonna Need a Bigger Cake of NAILED IT. Cr. NETFLIX ©2021
NAILED IT Season 5 Episode We're Gonna Need a Bigger Cake of NAILED IT. Cr. NETFLIX ©2021 /

While the desserts on Nailed It might not make the Netflix show baking hall of fame, Kim Seeley, the Magical Elves Culinary Producer for the show, revealed this baking tip that every home baker needs to apply immediately. Even if you think that you have mastered the tastiest cakes, cookies or desserts, one ingredient tip is imperative to becoming a better baker. Ready to learn the best baking tip?

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Seeley about the popular Netflix show, Nailed It. While the show’s success stems from the combination of comedy show and culinary competition, there are many food tips to be learned between the laughs.

Even though the home kitchen might not have as well stocked pantry as Nailed It, one ingredient will make a big difference in any and every recipe. With this baking tip, even the well-versed home baker will see a change.

What’s the game changing Nailed It baking tip?

According to Seeley, “kosher salt (is) the best thing to bake with.” Her reasoning is simple and profound. Kosher salt “has no additives to it.” Even if the recipe doesn’t specify the type of salt, “it’s probably kosher salt.”

Beyond the flavor component, there is a measurement reason, too. Since baking is based on “volume measurement,” the amount of kosher salt versus table salt is vastly different. If you have ever wondered why that flavor is not right in your dessert, it might be because of the salt.

Think about the visual difference between kosher salt and table salt. The size of the granules is different and that aspect plays into the measurements. Although it might be smart to season water for pasta to the brininess of the ocean, no one wants a dessert that tastes like a salt lick.

Seeley encourages everyone to use “one type of salt and stick with it.” She specifically said, “don’t change (the salt) up when you’re baking.” If the recipe calls for a different ingredient, that’s a different story. But, otherwise, stick with kosher salt and taste the difference.

While this baking tip is something that Seeley learned, it is a simple idea that all home bakers should take note. Similar to the guidance that the bakers on Nailed It receive in the challenges, it is there for baking help, but people have to choose to follow that advice.

This simple baking tip from Nailed It might make you a better baker. As for the decorative element, that’s for another discussion. Remember, taste is important. While you can eat with your eyes closed, bad flavor cannot be hidden.

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Do you know a great baking tip? What have you learned from Nailed It?