Nailed It satisfies because it has the perfect recipe for success, exclusive

NAILED IT Season 5 Episode The Burbank State Fair of NAILED IT. Cr. NETFLIX ©2021
NAILED IT Season 5 Episode The Burbank State Fair of NAILED IT. Cr. NETFLIX ©2021 /

Watching the Netflix show Nailed It is more than just a baking competition. During a recent conversation with culinary producer Kim Seeley, she revealed that the Magical Elves produced show has the perfect recipe for success. Even though the bakers might not whip up exactly replicated treats, the reality is that this popular show isn’t just about the creative confections.

According to Seeley, Nailed It is part comedy show and part baking competition, “which is unique to itself.” Even though “everybody’s gotten so into watching cooking competition shows, but they don’t always have that comedy component.” Like making that perfectly moist cake, both elements need to be part of the balanced ratio. When the Netflix show hits that light-hearted mark, it is a taste to remember.

For Seeley, it is about the viewer appreciating the challenge that the bakers face in the kitchen. She said that “everybody can relate” to the show. While every cook has the best intentions, the reality is that impeccable execution doesn’t always happen in the kitchen. In the real world, “perfection isn’t always possible.”

How Nailed It always wants to make something spectacular.

While Netflix viewers anticipate the big reveal, the reality is that Seeley and her team are very conscious about the challenges. The time allotted and the available tools are factored into each challenge. Even though she wants to devise the most amazing creations, the reality is that these bakers have to have chance. Yes, the truth is that the bakers can really make an amazing cake with the time and tools provided.

Seeley revealed a big secret about Nailed It that viewers might miss. Instead of making an exact replica, the bakers are really trying to get the concept, “overall look of the cake.” The biggest helper is the pantry.

According to Seeley, the production team “stock(s) the pantry purposely with things that can help them get” to the end goal. For example, the bakers can go to the pantry for ingredients that could be a short cut or a similar item that can mimic items on the original cake.

In summary, the bakers who do well, “do not sweat the small details.” The bakers who are most successful are “the ones who really take advantage of that pantry.” With that idea in mind, it might be time to re-watch some of those episodes. Like learning a secret code, it will give Netflix fans a new watching experience.

Still, Nailed It has evolved over the seasons. Seeley shared that there is a little more “guidance or helping hand” to “push them in the right direction.” No one wants to see just a blob of flour and sugar. The humor comes from the willingness to try and express themselves with these creations.

Of course the Netflix show has to take baking trends into account. From the realistic looking cakes to trending flavors, all of those ideas are showcased in the kitchen. Seeley shared, that the Nailed It team does the “research because we do want to reflect in the show what is actually happening in the world.” They “want to be as current as possible.”

While the visual often gets the most attention, there is a lot of thought into each element. The type of cake for the challenge is just as important as the visual. From the olive oil cakes for the Greek gods to the Baklava filling for the Medusa cake, these choices are not random. It is a continuation of a theme.

Although not every idea has made it into the kitchen, the Magical Elves creative team is always looking to push the boundaries. As bakers become more confidant and more options become available, the sugary creations might be even more outrageous in upcoming seasons.

For now, take a little time to re-watch all the Netflix Nailed It seasons, including the newest one Nailed It Double Trouble. With these secrets from the culinary producer Kim Seeley, viewers might watch the show with new eyes.

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What is your favorite Nailed It episode? Have you tried to recreate any of these epic cakes at home?