Moe’s Southwest Grill wants families to create the next kids’ menu addition

New Moe's Southwest Grill Kids Meals, photo provided by Moes
New Moe's Southwest Grill Kids Meals, photo provided by Moes /

What’s more exciting that a warm welcome to Moe’s greeting at Moe’s Southwest Grill? Getting your own creation on the restaurant’s kids’ menu, of course! If your family is ready to showcase their culinary creativity, they could become restaurant famous. Who will be the next Moe’s Mini Chef?

Sometimes parents have found that getting kids in the kitchen can help them enjoy food. From being a less picky eater to being more food adventurous or just finding an appreciation for flavorful food, that culinary creativity can go a long way.

Restaurants appreciate that kids’ meals are essential. From smaller portions to palate pleasing dishes, these menu options can make dining out more enjoyable for the whole family.

Staring on Sunday, April 18, Moe’s Southwest Grill will offer “one kids meal for children under 12 years old every Sunday with the purchase of an adult entree.” With this offer, the Sunday dinner could have a new family tradition. Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays.

To celebrate the new kids’ meal offer at Moe’s, the restaurant brand is hosting Moe’s Mini Chef contest. With the help of Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks Wimberly, one young, aspiring chef will get an opportunity of a lifetime.

While the families and mini chefs are encouraged to showcase their personality and creativity in their submissions, the dishes should “capture the essence of Moe’s.” For example, although kids might love a great buttered noodle, the reality is that recipe might not fit into the restaurant’s style. Dishes might want to stay in the Moe’s Southwest Grill flavor profile.

Moe’s executive, Caroline Morris, said. “The possibilities are endless and we’re excited to give kids an opportunity to have fun and get creative in the kitchen with their families. We can’t wait to see all the delicious creations to come!”

With so many great ingredients to choose from, the new kids’ menu addition could be one that even the parents might want to order. Sometimes the kids’ menu shouldn’t come with an age limit.

The Moe’s Mini Chef contest runs from April 14 through May 16. More information on how to enter can be found on the company’s website.

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Ready to put some culinary creativity on the plate? What do your kids love on kids’ menus?