Carl’s Jr and The Shoe Surgeon re-imagine the Steakhouse Angus Thickburger

Carl's Jr and The Shoe Surgeon collaboration, photo provided by Carl's Jr
Carl's Jr and The Shoe Surgeon collaboration, photo provided by Carl's Jr /

The aroma of the Steakhouse Angus Thickburger can have fans running to Carl’s Jr and now The Shoe Surgeon has the perfect custom-made sneakers for the ultimate fan to wear on that burger run. While fans of the quick service restaurant always know how to feed their happy, the reality is that sometimes that food and culture connection expands beyond the plate. The next must have food fashion item is this pair of custom-made sneakers.

If sneakers are your obsession, The Shoe Surgeon holds a special place in your fashion closet. The popular sneaker designer has blended the worlds of pop culture and shoe design in a seamless way. Never afraid to push the creative envelope, his designs spark a conversation and never leave anyone speechless.

In the quick service restaurant space, Carl’s Jr always makes a statement. From its big, bold menu items to its commercials that always make an impression, the reality is that this brand doesn’t want to blend. It stands out in the crowd.

What can people expect from The Shoe Surgeon and Carl’s Jr collaboration.

The Shoe Surgeon has a way to bring food to fashion. In previous brand collaborations, the designer appreciates that loyal foodies know the favorite parts of that special menu item. With a keen eye for detail and a sense of flare, his sneakers blend fashion and function.

With these custom-made sneakers, the design features many iconic Carl’s Jr components. From the Happy Star logo to the tongue tag spot for “shoegredients,” every detail was chosen with care.

The Shoe Surgeon, Dominic Chambrone, said, “I grew up on Carl’s Jr., so working with these brands on our first-ever burger collaboration brought me back to my childhood, I had a lot of fun drawing inspiration from the upgraded Steakhouse Angus Thickburger for these shoes. We added really unique touches to each design like the tongue tag featuring a secret stash pocket for money or ketchup packet, which I think burger and sneaker enthusiasts alike will enjoy.”

While these sneakers will be raffled off to lucky fans, everyone can enjoy the return of the Steakhouse Angus Thickburger. What started as “culinary innovation” has become a fan craving. From the bold flavors to the gigantic bite, enjoying this burger definitely feeds the happy. Just remember not to spill any sauce on those special sneakers.

Raffle tickets for these special sneakers can be purchased at for $10 each. The raffle runs through April 23. Raffle proceeds will be donated to Stars for Heroes, which “benefits military-focused organizations.”

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Are you excited for the return of the Steakhouse Angus Thickburger? What is your favorite Carl’s Jr menu item?