Dos Equis is ready to embrace all that life has to offer

Dos Equis, photo provided by Dos Equis
Dos Equis, photo provided by Dos Equis /

With a new outlook, Dos Equis is ready to spark a conversation. Since life is meant to enjoyed, both in good times and in unlikely ones, isn’t it time to experience it all, even a double dose?

Have you ever noticed that “interesting” may have a muddled connotation? Many people use that word to describe a flavor that might be less appealing, boring or just bland. Somehow, that single word can take a lively conversation to a halt. Isn’t it time to keep the conversation going in an exciting direction?

In many ways, “interesting” can describe the past year. From too many hours on the couch to the glazed eye look to another zoom call, it is time to move beyond that bland, boring term. Are you ready to become engaged in the conversation?

The new campaign from Dos Equis looks ahead. With “Get a Dos,” the concept is more than just a cute play on words. It is about looking forward to what’s next.

Jonnie Cahill, Chief Marketing Officer at Heineken USA believes that this new marketing concept has a “keen eye towards a bright future.” The idea is that this new direction will allow the “brand to participate in culture and invited people into the conversation.”

Check out the first Dos Equis concept, “A Dos of XX.”

As seen in the launch, life isn’t about perfection right now. Even though the daily routine of takeout on the couch will be interrupted, it doesn’t mean that the most epic adventure is served on the plate. either. It is about getting back into the groove, finding that spark and enjoying what is presented in front of you. If anyone has learned from the past year, the goal of perfection needs to be tabled. It is time to just be and get back to living.

The new Dos Equis campaign will be used in many ways. From activations to videos, the focus is to get people involved in the journey. Every day moments can and should be celebrated. The positive is within reach, but you have to grasp it. Just like the thesaurus as a plethora of other words for interesting, it is time to expand the conversation and Get a Dos.

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What do you think of this new Dos Equis campaign? Does it make you want to join the conversation?