Flavorful Jelly Belly facts that you never would have imagined

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From National Jelly Bean Day to the jar that sits on your desk, these Jelly Belly facts might make you look at that next handful of candy in a different light. From how many jelly beans are made each year to the origins of a particular flavor, sometimes a candy can be expected.

While the Easter bunny might have already hopped back to his home till next year, jelly beans are anytime treat. According to Jelly Belly, the brand makes approximately 1,680 jelly beans per second. And, over 15 billion jelly beans are eaten each year. Based on those numbers, it is clear that jelly beans aren’t just an Easter treat.

Although billions of jelly beans are eaten, the top three flavors according to Jelly Belly are “Very Cherry, Buttered Popcorn and Licorice.” While people might debate these findings, the three flavors show the brand’s diversity. From classic options to flavor innovations, there is always something new in the bag.

Even looking at recent food trends, Jelly Belly takes those ideas into account. From incorporating beverage flavors, like champagne, and collaborating with brands, like Krispy Kreme, the reality is that the simple jelly bean can hold a lot of flavor creativity. More importantly, the brand is always looking for that next great flavor.

These Jelly Belly facts might make you rethink that Bean Boozled box.

For many kids, a Bean Boozled box is the ultimate food prank. Spinning the wheel can lead to a tasty treat or it could be a flavor nightmare. Still, many people are willing to take that sweet risk.

One flavor that usually has had many people wishing they had skipped their turn is the barf flavor. According to the brand, that Bean Boozled flavor originally started as an attempt to make a pizza flavored jelly bean. While the savory treat might have been a stroke of genius, the result went terribly wrong.

And, if you need a candy hack to survive that next Bean Boozled spin, Jelly Belly shared this trick. Always end on a blue jelly bean. Whether the flavor is berry blue or toothpaste, the flavor is palatable.

Whether you grab a package of a single flavor, a variety pack or even dare to take the Fiery Five Challenge, there are many Jelly Belly facts to chew on. With over 100 flavors from the company, there is always a sweet treat that satisfies.

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