Sprinkles Chocolates are the new way to enjoy those iconic cupcake flavors

New Sprinkles Chocolates, photo provided by Sprinkles
New Sprinkles Chocolates, photo provided by Sprinkles /

Sprinkles Cupcakes always bring smiles, and the new Sprinkles Chocolates are bringing those favorite flavors to a new food experience. Starting on May 10, the newest sweet treat will be available via nationwide delivery. Which flavor will you try first?

Sprinkles Cupcakes changed the way that people enjoyed that iconic dessert. From the cupcake ATM to the creative flavors to the iconic decorations, life is always sweeter with one of these cupcakes.

Over the years, the brand has expanded beyond the cupcake. From layered cakes to brand collaborations that brought popular beverages to the dessert space, Sprinkles Cupcakes always looked to push the conversation forward. With this new offering, dessert fans have another reason to place an order.

What are Sprinkles Chocolates?

In a recent company announcement, Sprinkles Chocolates take inspiration from the brand’s cupcake icings. From the flavors to the decoration, it captures that whimsy that people crave from Sprinkles.

Available in four flavors, Sprinkle, Red Velvet, Black and White and Chocolate, the dark and white Belgium chocolate is crafted to create the perfect sweet treat. From that first whiff of the tempting aroma to the last morsel, it can be hard to resist eating a whole box full.

According to Dan Mesches, President and CEO of Sprinkles, “(the) chocolate bars with a Sprinkles twist was a natural next step.” After all, dessert always deserves a place at the table.

Looking at the four flavors, the Dark Chocolate will be the most indulgent flavor. While everyone will instantly notice the signature swirl, the luscious dark chocolate is a reason to eat the whole bar without an ounce of that pesky “g” word. In some ways, this chocolate could be paired with a great cocktail or a glass of wine.

For the fun, the Sprinkles flavor is a celebration in each bite. From the colors to the classic flavor, the sweet, white chocolate could make any day happy.

Of course, Red Velvet, the brand’s most popular cupcake, had to be transformed into a chocolate bar. The little pieces of frosting make each bite a sweet adventure.

The new Sprinkles Chocolates are sold as a single box for $7 and an Assorted Pack retails for $28. The Assorted Pack features each flavor. The chocolates will be available on the company’s website and at select Sprinkles locations.

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Are you ready to enjoy the sweet life? With Sprinkles Chocolates, now you can say it with more than just cupcakes.