What’s cheesier – Casey’s Cheesy Breadsticks or Joel McHale’s dad jokes?

Joel McHale Dad Jokes and Casey's Cheesy Breadsticks, photo provided by Casey's General Store
Joel McHale Dad Jokes and Casey's Cheesy Breadsticks, photo provided by Casey's General Store /

When it comes to comparisons, being the cheesiest item at the table can be subject for debate. Between Casey’s Cheesy Breadsticks and Joel McHale’s dad jokes, the answer is simple. Serve the cheesy breadsticks with a side of dad humor. The only groans from the people at the table will be because the food and fun has run out.

Recently, McHale partnered with Casey’s General Stores on the launch of their new Cheesy Breadsticks. While many people know that the store has some of the best pizza in the nation, more people are finding out how innovative the brand can be. The chefs are constantly bringing new flavor combinations and ingredients to the conversation.

While flavors may change, that classic pizza dough is a staple. Always made fresh, that perfect crust is what really sets Casey’s a slice apart.

Joel McHale serves a side of dad joke with Casey’s Cheesy Breadsticks.

During a recent conversation, McHale couldn’t resist sharing some super cheesy dad jokes. He said “I think it was a really good jump in all points for the cheesy breadsticks. Cause if you take the word cheesy, which usually is associated with a bad joke, and I wrote some dad jokes for the campaign and they very nicely said they were funny, which they were probably like, oh my gosh, these are so cheesy.”

Whether or not these jokes make his kids laugh are a different matter, but they will keep the dinner time conversation entertaining. Doesn’t every day need a good laugh?

While McHale might be torn on his cheesiest dad joke, it could be best for everyone to pick their own. Since there are many options on the table, here are a few to chew on.

"Why do cheesy breadsticks taste so expensive? Because they are made with a lot of Casey’s fresh dough.Why did the breadstick worry about wearing a blue tuxedo with ruffles. Because he’s kind of cheesy.What did the dad say when asked what his favorite season was? Answer: football.When my dad was asked about three square meals a day. He replied: no, Casey’s cheesy breadsticks are more of a rectangle shape. That was pretty cheesy."

McHale’s response regarding his favorite is classic. He said, “I would say the fresh dough one. That hits the message of a sweet spot of cheese joke combined with cheesy breadstick information and I would say that it’s definitely that one and I would say you would definitely roll your eyes at that. Yeah, I would say that one. That one is the harmonic convergence of cheese.”

Although few people would be able to come up with the statement “harmonic convergence of cheese,” everyone can get a bite of the Casey’s cheesy breadsticks. Maybe the first bite will inspire some gooey goodness in your house or maybe it will make you want to have pizza more than once a week.

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What is your best cheesy phrase? Has food ever inspired you to wax poetic?