Rubbermaid Brilliance and Emily Henderson offer a clear pantry solution

Rubbermaid Brilliance partners with Emily Henderson photo provided by Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid Brilliance partners with Emily Henderson photo provided by Rubbermaid /

An organized pantry can be the clear solution that many homes crave. Partnering with Rubbermaid Brilliance, Emily Henderson shared some simple ideas that anyone can adapt. When solutions make sense, implementing them can seem like a clear choice.

Although home design shows, publications, and even Pinterest might seem like everyone has a perfectly organized kitchen, the reality is that many people fear opening that pantry door because something might topple on their head. It isn’t that people don’t want an organized kitchen and pantry. Sometimes, finding the right solution is just beyond their grasp.

While there have been many conversations about sparking joy or streamlining purchases, the reality is that families want options. From that hungry teenager who always wants another snack to the busy mom that needs dinner solutions at her fingertips, the reality is that many families want to keep that pantry stocked. But, if they can’t put all those purchases within reach, the pantry can be the place where food goes lost.

How are Rubbermaid Brilliance and Emily Henderson offering pantry solutions?

Recently, Emily Henderson, stylist and interior designer, partnered with Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Containers to share storage and organization solutions that anyone can master. While many home cooks are familiar with the Rubbermaid Brilliance line for their food storage solutions, the pantry items add that clear, stackable choice to other parts of the kitchen.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Emily Henderson about her Rubbermaid Brilliance partnership. During the conversation, she shared her insights about transforming the pantry space into an area that doesn’t have to be hidden away from public view.

Since Springtime is often the time when homes look to de-clutter and organize, it can be the right time to set up systems. Henderson believes that once a system is created it can be maintained. Granted there will be dedicated times to revisit that pantry overhaul, but the idea is to strive to maintain some degree of order.

Henderson truly believes that there “satisfaction and joy” in setting up and organized pantry. While she took part of her weekend to tackle the task, she believes that anyone and everyone can take this pantry challenge head on. It isn’t necessarily about perfection, but it is about removing the chaos.

For Henderson, she appreciated the Rubbermaid Brilliance storage solutions since they are modular. In some ways, these storage solutions gave her more space in the pantry. She felt that she was able to take advantage of vertical space.

More importantly, Henderson commented that she was able to see all the items in her pantry. Since the Rubbermaid Brilliance is clear glass, that ability to see what’s inside adds to the organization. From knowing what food is low or just helping to see what food is in the pantry can turn that there’s nothing to eat into a smorgasbord of options.

One idea that Henderson suggests is decanting food, meaning take the cereal, pasta, rice, etc. out of the container and putting them into the Rubbermaid Brilliance. With some simple labels, everyone can see the food. It makes organization easier.

Given that many homes buy in bulk, this solution makes even more sense. Every parent knows that there is nothing worse than putting a hand into a box only to find it empty of granola bars, fruit snacks or a variety of other items.

Also, Henderson recommends that everyone in the family take ownership and have some input on the organization ideas. There is no point of putting food that the kids love on a shelf where they can’t reach it. Being able to see all the food is key to avoiding that dreaded black hole in the pantry.

Still, Henderson is realistic. That first day of an organized pantry will seem like a milestone, but it requires maintenance. Accepting that perfection is not the goal, Henderson shares that maintenance is part of the solution.

While everyone might want their husband to put that cereal on the top shelf, he might put it on the wrong one. Habits take time to master, but solutions will be found. Maybe the top shelf is the better choice and the pantry will seem even better after that switch.

In the end, it is about finding a solution that works in your household. Following someone else’s blueprint isn’t always the right path. Learning, adapting and re-evaluating are vital to keeping an organized pantry.

Can Rubbermaid Brilliance bring a sense of comfort to an organized house?

Like other designers, Henderson has seen many people appreciate the comfort that their house can provided in the past year. While aesthetic always has its place, design has adapted to function and comfort as more people are spending time at home. From making items conveniently located to finding satisfaction in organized living, the reality is that the past year has impacted people’s point of view.

Whether an organized pantry is the first step for this year’s bullet list or that job led to reorganizing other parts of the home, the reality is that people are more thoughtful with the whats, hows, and whys for products in the home. Maybe the past year has had many people seeing more clearly.

Even if reorganizing the pantry seems like an overwhelming job, try one shelf at a time. Even just taking that cereal out of the box and putting it into a Rubbermaid Brilliance container can be the step in the more organized direction. Sometimes a little change can spark more, but you have to see the difference first. Are you ready to appreciate the view of a more organized pantry?

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Are you proud of your pantry? What tricks do you have that keep your pantry organized?