Rubbermaid Brilliance is the clear Thanksgiving meal solution

New Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass Containers for the holidays, photo provided by Rubbermaid
New Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass Containers for the holidays, photo provided by Rubbermaid /

Simplify the Thanksgiving meal with Rubbermaid Brilliance.

While this year’s Thanksgiving meal might look a little different, Rubbermaid Brilliance ensures that from prep to table to leftovers there is a single solution. Whether it is your first time cooking a holiday meal or you cook every year, the right kitchen essentials ensure that the cooking experience will be crystal clear.

For many people, the Thanksgiving meal is a huge feast. Even if the food on the table may not be as ample as years past, everyone wants the annual tradition to be a tasty experience around the table. With a few tricks, that holiday meal is on the path to success.

Whether you are a seasoned chef or a newbie in the kitchen, smart storage solutions can be the first step to making a successful meal. Although cooking shows use words like mise en place, the simple way of thinking about meal prep is having everything together to make cooking easy.

On Thanksgiving, meal prep is the first step to making a successful holiday meal. Even though the day will have a lot of quality time in the kitchen, some aspects need to be planned earlier. From making that butternut squash soup on Tuesday to cutting up all the brussel sprouts for roasting, those little steps do make a difference.

While Rubbermaid products have been a kitchen essential staple, the Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass can make a big difference in this year’s Thanksgiving meal. Since the new glass containers can go from refrigerator to oven to table, these storage solutions can be the confidence that any new cook needs or the convenience that any experience cook craves.

Given the new holiday trends, more people are looking for multi-functional products. Gone are the days where kitchen cabinets are overflowing with single use products. Today’s consumer wants a solution that solves many problems.

The Brilliance Glass containers fill that wish list. The glass bases can withstand oven temperatures up to 450F. So, those brussel sprouts can go from prep to oven to table in one single container. Plus, the clear glass makes for a pretty serving dish because everyone can see the food.

Additionally, the Rubbermaid Brilliance is stackable. No one will lose that container of cranberries in the back of the refrigerator. Lastly, all of the lids are interchangeable. No more grabbing that wrong size lid that never seems to fit anything.

As everyone starts to plan their holiday meals, Rubbermaid is making is easy to spread a little extra cheer this holiday season. While people might not be hosting huge Friendsgivings or extended family feasts, the holiday traditions can continue in a new way.

The Brilliance Glass is for Thanksgiving program makes it easy to spread some holiday cheer with others. Whether you share some cookies with a neighbor or deliver grandpa his favorite dinner, the idea is to focus on how food can bring people together and be thankful for that connection.

If you consider being part of this Thanksgiving program, consider adding the recipe of the dish that you are sharing on the lid of the container. Whether it is your special recipe or the dish that grandma has passed on through generations, this program could be a new tradition that continues for years. Sometimes the best tasting recipes are the ones that are rooted in tradition and memory.

Rubbermaid is making it even easier for participate in this Thanksgiving program. Anyone who purchases Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass at will receive an “extra 3.2 cup medium container for free.” This offer is available while supplies last, one free container available per customer, per order.

This holiday season there is a clear solution to make that Thanksgiving meal a great one. With Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass, it is possible to see a tasty holiday meal feast on the table.

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