How can you celebrate the Taco Moon with Taco Bell?

Taco Bell Taco Moon Promotion, photo provided by Taco Bell
Taco Bell Taco Moon Promotion, photo provided by Taco Bell /

Move over super moon because the Taco Moon is a reason to celebrate with Taco Bell. On May 4, the nighttime sky will have you craving a taco. Instead of the questioning whether the moon is made of cheese, the only answer needed is when will you be ordering that free taco.

While many people stare upward and envision many things in those puffy clouds, the night sky holds a different view. From the twinkling stars to the planets far away, in some ways the sight can be quite captivating. And, that night sky seems to unite people near and far.

On May 4, the Taco Moon will be bringing together Taco Bell fans from across the globe. While everyone might not be seeing that special moon at the same time, the love of a taco can unite people in a tasty way.

How is the Taco Moon bringing Taco Bell fans together?

While domestic quick service restaurants have focused on both menu innovations and customer experience, the brand understands that its reach isn’t just limited to the U.S. Its global footprint continually expands and this natural phenomenon is the perfect time to bring everyone together.

According to President of Taco Bell, International, Julie Felss Masino, there is an acceleration in the global fandom. While the U.S. brand has flourished over the past 60 years, it is always looking ahead. Just like the astronaut sees the night sky for its limitless potential, this May 4th opens even more opportunities.

Taco Bell Taco Moon event
Taco Bell Taco Moon Promotion, photo provided by Taco Bell /

Masino said, “As we’re opening more and more restaurants internationally, we know the May 4 moon will take us to new ‘heights’ as we introduce ourselves to new future fans in a delicious way.”

While the lofty goals sound appealing to many, the reality is that fans love their free food offers. Luckily, the Taco Moon is bringing that idea to the table.

Per Taco Bell, U.S. guests can receive a free Crunchy Taco “between 8-11:59 PM in-store or all day through the app or online.” For complete details visit the brand’s website or app.

This promotion is part of a global campaign. The brand will encourage everyone to “see tacos” wherever they may be. Although this idea might not be exactly like that theme park trick parents use while waiting in line, people might be surprised to see taco shapes in some unlikely places. Maybe this idea is the real way to bring people together.

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What do you think of this concept? Are you excited for the taco moon?