Artingstall’s Gin and Paul Feig celebrate the art of the cocktail

Artingstall's Gin and Paul Feig celebrate the art of the cocktail, photo provided by Artingstall's Gin
Artingstall's Gin and Paul Feig celebrate the art of the cocktail, photo provided by Artingstall's Gin /

When it comes to a great cocktail, Paul Feig and Artingstall’s Gin appreciate that the moment is more than just another sip. Although there is a time and a place to enjoy a quick drink, appreciating the nuance in the glass shouldn’t be overlooked. Ready to toast to the experience and join a spirited conversation?

For those unfamiliar, Artingstall’s Gin is small batch, brilliant, London Dry Gin. As gin seems to be having a resurgence in popularity, this gin takes a slightly different approach. While every gin is made from botanicals, the formulation varies. If you haven’t taken a sip of gin since that time when you snuck a bottle from grandpa, it is time to rediscover the nuances of the spirit.

As shared in the company’s statements, this liquor is for “gin newbies and juniper snobs alike.” Whether served in a signature martini, another cocktail, or slowly sipped to discover the gin’s various layers, the reality is that this gin deserves prime placement on the bar shelf.

Ready to have a cocktail with Paul Feig and Artingstall’s Gin?

Over the past year, Feig has brought this cocktail culture to social media. Periodically, he would share some inspirational cocktails and stories. These little events were about making a cocktail moment.

During a recent conversation with Feig, he spoke about the cocktail culture and why it is beneficial to enjoy the pleasures of making, experiencing, and drinking a cocktail. For him, cocktail culture is about that “adult moment” of appreciating the great cocktail. It isn’t about “the college phase of drinking to get drunk from a red solo cup.”

For Feig, it is about the “pageantry of the cocktail.” He recommends “setting the stage” for the experience. The aesthetics are as important has the cocktail itself. From a beautiful glass to a dapper garnish, the extra effort pays off in spades.

On May 1, Artingstall’s Gin and Paul Feig will be hosting a virtual cocktail party. During the event, guests will have an opportunity to win passes to the annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami. More information can be found on both Artingstall’s Gin and Feig’s social media accounts.

While part of the event will test guests’ knowledge of Paul Feig (calling all Freaks and Geeks fans), the event is meant to have some fun and enjoy the cocktail culture. During the evening, guests will learn how to make the Feigtini and the Queen’s Gin and Dubonnet.

For those people who haven’t discovered their affinity for gin, this event might be the tempting entryway. Although one person will be “crowned” with an amazing prize, there is a royally good time to be had by all.

Whether you can spell botanicals, don’t have a clue what that means, or haven’t had a sip of gin since 1999, open a bottle of Artingstall’s Gin and open yourself to the gin experience. There is a story to be told in that bottle, but you have to open it first to discover it.

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What is your favorite gin cocktail? Have you learned to appreciate the cocktail culture?