Time to be generous and get tipsy for Cinco de Mayo

(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for San Diego International Film Festival )
(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for San Diego International Film Festival ) /

While the phrase tipsy for Cinco de Mayo might have people thinking of a particular outcome to the holiday that often has a few margaritas drunk, this year’s celebration is taking a different turn. With the help of Jose Cuervo, the it is time to tip big, or get tipsy with delivery drivers.

In the past year, food delivery has become part of the food routine. From that Friday night pizza to sending chicken noodle soup to a friend who needs a little comfort food, everyone has put those delivery apps on the front page of their devices.

While consumers appreciate the convenience, the delivery drivers have been putting in the extra hours. As others stayed home, these individuals headed out to bring everyone burritos, wings and burgers. Don’t these hard workers deserve a little extra this Cinco de Mayo?

What is getting tipsy for Cinco de Mayo with Jose Cuervo?

To encourage others to tip those food delivery drivers, Jose Cuervo is partnering with the rapper J-Kwon to get “tipsy.” This tipsy isn’t about too many drinks with Jose Cuervo. Instead the program is encouraging customers to tip a little extra on that Mexican food order.

According to the brand, consumers who “get #TipsyForCinco and tip their delivery driver 20% or more could have their entire meal paid for by Cuervo.” For a chance to get the free meal, people are encouraged to share a photo of their bill on Twitter with #TipsyForCinco and tag @JoseCuervo. Throughout the program, select submissions will receive reimbursement for their meal via Venmo.

In addition, J-Kwon will be ordering Mexican food around St. Louis, his hometown. As seen on his social media accounts, he will be tipping big. The hope is that other people will follow his lead.

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Are you ready to get tipsy for Cinco de Mayo? Sometimes a good deed is the spark to make someone’s day a little brighter.