Canned margaritas bring the fiesta to any occasion

Crook & Marker Margarita, photo provided by Crook & Marker
Crook & Marker Margarita, photo provided by Crook & Marker /

Skip the blender or the cocktail shaker because these canned margaritas are perfect for any and every occasion. Whether you want to capture that fun in the sun or just need a break from another beer, a margarita can be that delightful refreshment sip after sip. Ready to crack open a can?

Similar to the number of hard seltzers on the shelf, there are many canned margaritas available. Also, a few tequila seltzers taste a skinny margarita, so it makes the options even greater. When picking an option, it comes down to personal preference.

Some margaritas are a touch sweet, others are a little more tart. While these canned options might not come with a salted rim, you can always pour the beverage into cocktail glass, too.

FoodSided’s favorite canned margaritas

Cutwater Spirits

Cutwater Spirits has been a leader in the canned cocktail industry. Many people have fallen for their Tequila Margarita and Mango Margarita flavors. Always made with real tequila, these canned cocktails are always a tasty choice.

New for the summer, Cutwater’s margarita line is expanding to include Peach and Strawberry. Made with strawberry puree, the flavor is sweet but quite refreshing. It could inspire a lovely afternoon just relaxing in the sun.

The Peach flavor is all perfect for summer barbecues. Just like a freshly cut peach in that cobbler, this margarita flavor is juicy. This flavor twist brings new excitement to the traditional tequila cocktail.

Cutwater’s margaritas are 10% ABV and are sold in a pack of four. The suggested retail price is $12.99.

Austin Cocktails

While a classic margarita is lime flavored, all margaritas do not have to be just lime. Austin Cocktails offers an amazing flavor with its Sparkling Bergamot Orange Margarita. It brings that sweet and sour flavor but in a more nuanced way. The Italian bergamot orange brings an extra touch of sweetness in each sip.

From the company’s signature natural triple sec to the Persian lime, the attention to detail makes this canned cocktail special. In a way, it is like a specialty cocktail that is served in a convenient format. Plus, the touch of seltzer water enhances the drinking enjoyment.

The Austin Cocktails Sparkling Bergamot Orange Margarita has a 12.5% ABV per can. It is sold in a 4 pack, where available.

Crook & Marker Margarita

As a brand that has always put flavor first, the Crook & Marker Margarita skips the ingredients that people don’t want in their cocktails yet keeps all the flavor that they crave. Each sip shows that simplicity can be full of flavor.

Made with organic Blue Agave Tequiliana, real lime juice and no real sugar, the cocktail is refreshing, light and bright. Without being too tart, the beverage proves that a tasty margarita doesn’t have to come with a suitcase of calories.

The Crook & Marker Margarita is sold at various retails. One can is 100 calories and it is sold in an 8-pack.

Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita

When it comes to margaritas, everyone knows that Jose Cuervo is always a delightful choice. As a leader in the tequila space, the brand’s canned margaritas deliver the flavors that people expect. The tartness from the lime with a touch sweet comes through in each sip.

The difference with this version, versus other Jose Cuervo pre-made beverages, is the bubbles. The added effervescence heightens the flavors a little and keeps the margarita light and refreshing. It can almost be too easy to sip another can on a warm day.

The Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margaritas come in classic, strawberry and rose, In addition, there is a sparkling paloma flavor. Each can has a 8% ABV and is available at various retailers.

Hornitos Tequila Seltzer

Although hard seltzer continues to have its moment, Hornitos Tequila Seltzer offers a take on the simple tequila and seltzer cocktail. Sometimes simplicity is a great choice.

While there is a lime option, the mango flavor deserves a moment to savor. That tropical twist is perfect for a summer afternoon.

Onda Sparkling Tequila

If you want a lower ABV but prefer bright fruit flavors, Onda Sparkling Tequila delivers. Made with blanco tequila and real fruit juice, the tart grapefruit makes this cocktail a top choice. Plus, with only 5% ABV is it a little lighter than other options. It is worth a second sip.

Cocktail Courier Margarita Party Can

While most canned margaritas are single servings, the Cocktail Courier Margarita Party Can is for sharing with a group. One can equals 12 margaritas. Since the can is resealable, all 12 margaritas do not have to be drunk at once. The hint of spice with the orange liqueur makes it quite enjoyable.

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What are your favorite canned margaritas? Do you like the convenience or do you want to keep your blender within reach?