Family Equality and bubly raise the important issue of parental inclusivity

buble Unstoppable Pride Parade, photo provided by buble
buble Unstoppable Pride Parade, photo provided by buble /

In its continued support of the LQBTQ+ community, bubly collaborates with Family Equality to shed a light on parental inclusivity and the struggles that some families may have. As the traditional parental tropes are replaced with various paths to parenthood, the reality is that living the fullest life is often filled with support from the community.

On International Family Equality Day, it is the opportunity to celebrate families’ stories. Instead of focusing on a single vision of a family model, the reality is that family comes in a multitude of options. Instead of putting people into pre-conceived roles, the idea is to celebrate a collective unit that loves, nurtures and supports one another.

For the LGBTQ+ community, the road to parenthood may not be an easy one. While the obstacles might be many, people are ready, willing and able to do everything in their power to step into the role as parents.

Since its launch in 2018, bubly has been a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. As Zach Harris, Vice President, Water Portfolio at PepsiCo Beverages North America, said, “bubly always has always been a firm supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, as we believe all individuals, no matter their background, sexual preference or circumstance, have the right to pursue their fullest life.”

Through this collaboration with Family Equality, bubly looks to “inspire awareness and support for families of all flavors” through parental inclusivity.

Using the brand’s playful personality, bubly devised a campaign that encourages people to be involved with those who need support. For example, bubly Baby Registry skips the traditional bottles, onesies and toys for a “faux” version that offers supports to donate to alleviate families’ financial burdens. The donated funds go directly to Family Equality.

Also, “the path to parenthood” is a book tells the story of how some LGBTQ+ families follow their path to parenthood. “Illustrated by celebrated artist and community organizer Wednesday Holmes and created in partnership with and for Family Equality,” supporters can purchase this book and proceeds will benefit the program. It will be available on Amazon, Walmart and other retailers.

Sometimes the most meaningful words of encouragement and strength come from people who have experienced the struggle. By highlighting the real, honest stories on social media, via the tag, #InTheProcess, many people will appreciate that they are not alone. More importantly, others will have a better understanding why these stories need to be heard.

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Many people have love to give, but the cost is high and the obstacles are many. Parental inclusivity deserves its time to shine and bubly is ready to put it in the spotlight.