Turkey Hill wants to make everyday moments a little sweeter

Turkey Hill novelty ice cream, photo provided by Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill novelty ice cream, photo provided by Turkey Hill /

While Turkey Hill might be part of many families’ big celebrations, the reality is that every day moments are just as special as the momentous ones. From quiet nights on the couch to simple uncontrollable laughter on the way to the store, sometimes life’s simple pleasures are the ones that mean the most. Are you ready to freeze those moments?

For some families, the past year has been both a struggle and sometimes a blessing. All that time spent at home allowed families to learn a little more about each other. While there have been times when all that togetherness has been stressful, plenty of memories are ones to cherish. The ability to stop the continuous busy cycle can be a good thing.

Turkey Hill has been a part of many family’s special moments. From that scoop of ice cream on the birthday cake to the special treat to celebrate that big victory, the brand understands that marking those remarkable moments is important to families. At the same time, any moment can be an occasion to remember.

Kristin Ohm, Vice President, Marketing for Turkey Hill said, “While this past year has been a struggle for many, households are starting to appreciate more of the little moments together as a family that have become special. These moments are worth savoring. Capturing. Freezing. At Turkey Hill we wanted to extend those great moments and make them a little sweeter.”

How can you freeze the moment with Turkey Hill?

The favorite ice cream brand wants to help families “freeze the moment.” While the idea isn’t about putting that family time on ice, it is about sharing that special memory.

In the past year, there have been many cherished moments. From finally learning the correct name of “Baby Yoda” to watching your kids become taller than you to even just appreciating turning off that zoom call and having a face to face conversation with others, there are many positive, good, cherished memories from the past year.

Staring on May 6, Turkey Hill is asking people to share their “freeze” moments. Via the site, freezethemoment.net, anyone can share their special moment and have the opportunity to receive free Turkey Hill ice cream. Select winners will receive products from the new novelty product line that includes items like Layered Sundaes, Fruit and Cream Bars, and Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches.

While the giveaway offers the opportunity to win, everyone can freeze the moment in their own world. Why not grab a package of Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches and share a story with your family, create a tradition around the table, or just take a break from the always full schedule. Taking the time might seem like a simple gesture, but that choice does make a big impact.

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What is one of your most cherished memories from the past year?